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by:Qihao      2019-09-01
Foam rubber has become an integral part of our lives.
We used it for a variety of mats, mattresses, soundproofing, furniture, on board, RV and office.
For 31 years, Foam Mart has provided consumers in Southern California with bubbles of all shapes and densities.
They can also be customized
Make anything with foam rubber.
Of course, usually the foam will continue inside.
It may be vinyl, canvas or other fabric outside.
Or if you just need to fill in-
Foam Market is a man-made pillowcase with great service: bring your mat and pay for the foam and they will fill it up for you ---at no charge.
For a good foam rating, the average price of a cushion filled with 24 inch square 4 inch deep is $13 (1.
5 Density Polyurethane Foam)
The best result is $20 (1. 8 density).
The higher the density, the stronger the \"memory\" is, so it will bounce back to a better shape.
The foam has various shapes and sizes.
You can replace the sofa or chair cushion with shredded silk, pillows, bean bags or sheets.
Finding a suitable size replacement mat for indoor or outdoor furniture can be a problem.
Even if you find the right size, it may not be in the fabric you are passionate about.
This is the highlight of the bubble supermarket.
I need two recently-by-44-
Old forged inch cushion
The iron love seat abandoned in the alley.
All the seats needed are a quick coating of white paint and mats, but this piece is not the standard size.
The answer is a custom mat.
The bubble hit $18. 40, for two-inch-thick, high-
Density film.
It was bought for $9. 50. Green-and-
The white striped canvas is $15. 99 a yard (
$20 to $25 retail)
It cost a total of $39 and 1/2 yards. 97.
The labor cost is $49, and the two pads for Zipper and welding are about $117 in total-
Excellent workmanship.
Fabric stocks include vinyl, tapestries, canvas, linen, Muslims and others.
The foam supermarket I have seen has the most vinyl options.
Marine vinyl, mildew-
UV resistance
$20 to $25 per yard;
The label says $15.
99 yards 54-inch-wide goods.
During Labor Day, for those who buy some upholstery fabrics of more than three yards ---
Tapestries, canvas or vinyl are not included-
There is a 40% discount on regular prices.
For a soft burgundy velvet that retails for $40 a yard, the normal price for a bubble supermarket is $13. 99.
A 40% discount is $8. 39 a yard. Not too bad.
But be sure to buy enough fabric as most are discontinued patterns that cannot be re-ordered.
There are many kinds of bean bags in five sizes, starting from $24 in children\'s size.
For $160 95 to a love seat, there are several different colors. Double-
For children\'s safety, sew with two special zippers made of a good one
Interior decoration qualitygrade vinyl.
For the protection of the item, the transparent plastic cloth has 4-gauge (
For desktop)for $2.
A yard, 40-gauge (
Convertible rear window)for $19. 99 a yard. (
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Where to go shopping: bubble supermarket. Location: 628Victory Blvd. , Burbank. Hours: 9 a. m. to 6 p. m.
Monday to Saturday
Card: MasterCard and Visa. Call: (818)848-FOAM.
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