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It’s a wonderful item coming from such creative ideas from our professional designers! 

Leg / knee memory foam pillow consists of super soft vented memory foam and mesh fabric.

Soft and comfortable

Made of slow rebound memory foam, designed to provide firm support to leg and knee, with amazing comfort and softness. 

Ergonomic design - posture correction and alignment

Cushion your upper thighs and knees, longer support to keep your hips, legs, and knees aligned.  Extra thick support at the top to cushion your knees, no more rubbing bone on bone.

Highly recommended by medical professionals. The ergonomic contour of the cushion adds enough spacing for improved alignment of the leg, knee, hip, pelvis and spine. Promote circulation and relieve pain from bursitis and sciatica. 

Stay cool

Super soft memory foam keeps its shape and is ventilated to promotes air circulation, and stay cool through the night.

Move freely, sleep in any position

Tapered edges and concave center cradles your thighs and knees snugly allowing you to move freely, change sleep positions, and bend your knees.

Breathable, removable & washable cover - air layer fabric

Soft cover, easily removes for washing 

Optional material of pillow cover - velvet, bamboo fabric, cotton, etc

Color - solid color, or custom-made

Logo - can be printed or embroidered or jacquard

Fine workmanship, sturdy and reliable stitching

Quality workmanship satisfies our customers. 

Crescent clearance / curved bottom

Curved to comfortable fit pelvic region for men and women 

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Ningbo Qihao International is professional manufacturer and supplier of memory foam pillow and travel pillow for over 10years.  Provide one stop service for customizing products.

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