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cohen pleads guilty. transcript: 11/29/18, the rachel maddow show

by:Qihao      2019-08-27
Chris Hayes, MSNBC host
It\'s here tonight.
The \"bobelmaddow SHOW\" starts now.
Good evening, Rachel.
Host: Good evening, Chris.
Thank you, my friend.
Thank you for joining us this hour at home. Are you ready?
I\'m about to start.
Deputy clerk: lawyer Michael Cohen v. US plea hearing change case, please state your appearance in court.
For the government?
Rush Atkinson, the prosecutor who worked for the special counsel, stood up and said: Good morning, Your Honour.
The beauty of Rush Atkinson.
My colleague is Jenny Rhine from the Office of the special adviser and my colleague Andrew Goldstein.
FBI agent Michelle Taylor joined us.
What about the defendant, the judge said?
Then we heard about Michael Cohen\'s defense lawyer.
For defendantMichael Cohen, Guy Petrillo and Amy Lester.
Good morning, Your Honour.
Good morning, the judge said.
My understanding is
Cohen likes to file a lawsuit and then plead guilty to criminal information seeking an agreement with the government.
Cohen\'s defense lawyer: Your Honour, that\'s right. The judge: OK.
The judge went on to say: Please give your full name.
The accused said: Michael Dean Cohen.
Judge: How old are you? Cohen: 52.
Judge: How far have you been at school? Cohen: J. D. degree.
Judge: have you been under the care of a doctor recently or recently? Cohen: No, sir.
Judge: Have you seen a psychiatrist or psychologist recently, or have you done any mental health counseling?
Michael Cohen: No, Your Honour.
Judge: Have you ever been treated for mental illness? Cohen: No, sir.
Judge: have you been hospitalized for drug use or alcohol abuse?
No, sir.
Judge: Okay.
Does the defense attorney have any questions about your client\'s ability to proceed with the proceedings?
Cohen\'s defense lawyer said: I don\'t have it, your Honour.
The judge said: Lawyer of the government?
Prosecutor Rush Atkinson said: No, Your Honour.
The judge went on to say: I found out
Cohen was alert.
He answered these questions properly.
I find he has the ability to move on and we will move on.
The judge said, quote: Sir.
Cohen, I want you to understand that you are charged with a felony.
Sir, do you understand?
I know, sir.
Judge: The only charge of the information is a false statement.
It states that, on or around August 28, 2017, defendant Michael Cohen deliberately created material false, false and fraudulent statements and statements on an issue within the jurisdiction of the District of Colombia and the United States government\'s legislative branch.
That is, Cohen led to the submission of a written statement to the SenateIntelligence committee containing material false statements about the oscow ow project, including false statements about the time of the project, as well as discussions with the company Trump Organization and Russia on the Moscow project and consideration of traveling to Russia in connection with the Moscow project.
The judge said: Do you understand the nature of this allegation? Cohen?
Michael Cohen said: I will, your Honour.
Judge: Do you have any questions for me before we proceed?
No, Your Honour.
Judge: defense counsel, do you know any reason why your client does not plead guilty?
Guy petello, Michael Cohen\'s defense lawyer, said: No, Your Honour.
The judge said: Are you aware of any legal defense of the charges?
Cohen\'s defense lawyer, Guy pertrillo, said: this will not be done during the trial.
The judge said, sir.
Cohen, are you satisfied with your legal reputation so far?
Yes, your Honour. The judge: Mr.
Cohen, are you willing to give up your jurisdiction and all the other rights that we have discussed? Yes, sir.
Judge: how do you defend the unique count of this information?
Michael Cohen: Guilty, your Honour.
Then it gets a little confusing.
How do you defend, the judge said?
Michael Cohen, Your Honour, said he was guilty.
Then the judge said, is it guilty or not?
Michael Cohen said sorry, the judge said it was okay. Guilty?
Yes, sir, said Michael Cohen.
The judge did a very quick job.
I\'m really here to plead guilty.
Sorry if you didn\'t do it. Guilty!
Did I say I was guilty?
But at this point, the focus is really on Michael Cohen, which is a surprising process.
Everyone in the court arrived after receiving the notice.
No prior media said this would happen.
The request says something, but now Michael Cohen is really explained in court and does some narrative about what\'s going on here.
So, judge, after he just pleaded guilty, the judge turned to Michael Cohen and said to him: Well, tell me what you did to make you guilty.
Michael Cohen said: \"Your Honour, if I can stand up, if I can.
The judge said: What is that?
Michael Cohen: Can I represent this on this matter?
Judge: you can.
You don\'t need it.
The sound is not very good.
It may be easier if you sit down and talk to the microphone.
Michael Cohen: that\'s what I do.
The judge said: OK, go ahead.
Michael Cohen cleared his throat. Ahem. Thank you.
Prior to the 2016 presidential election, I served as executive vice president and special adviser to Donald J.
Trump\'s Trump Organization in Manhattan --
Basic real estate business.
By 2017, instead of working as such, I went on to work as a lawyer for the former CEO of the Trump Organization, who is now the president of the United States.
He is called Personal 1 in criminal information.
As I did in the years leading up to the election, I continued to focus on the daily political messages of the two presidents in 2017
Trump and his staff and advisers broadcast repeatedly, and I have been in close contact with these consultants. Trump.
So I know Mr.
Trump has repeatedly denied business and political relations between himself and Russia, and he has repeatedly stated that the investigation of such relations was politically motivated and without evidence, before the Iowa caucus meeting on February 1, 2016, any contact between his campaign team or the Trump group with Russian nationals has been terminated.
On 2017, I was scheduled to attend the Senate Intelligence Committee and the House Intelligence Committee to discuss the issues they were investigating, mainly whether Russia had participated in or intervened in the 2016 campaign and elections.
With respect to my appearance, I submitted a written statement to Congress, including a description of a proposed real estate project that I was employed in Moscow during the Trump Organization.
This description is fake.
I knew it.
This is wrong because I have asserted that all the efforts related to the project ceased in January 2016, and in fact, they continued until June of that year.
It was also wrong when I claimed that my discussion with Mr. was very limited
Trump and the rest of the company are talking about this project, in fact I already have a wider communication and when I never agreed to travel to Russia on this project and never asked him
In fact, I took steps and had a discussion with Mr. Trump
Trump will travel to Russia.
Then he said, I would like to point out that, in fact, I have not been to Russia and have not been there.
He said, quoting me, I made these statements in order to be consistent with the gentleman.
Trump\'s political message and loyalty to TrumpTrump.
It feels like it\'s over at this point, but it leaves us with something, something that turns out to be important.
So the prosecution is a little anxious to fill that gap.
So the judge said at this point that any further allocation of the government is cited?
The prosecutor of the special counsel Robert Miller\'s office, rushagkinson, said: \"Yes, your Honour.
As stated in the criminal information, it\'s like an indictment, unless you get criminal information when you plead guilty rather than at trial, as stated in the information, Sir
In his statement, Cohen mistakenly said that he had reached out to the Kremlin on the Moscow project in January 2016 but had not received any response.
In fact, he received a response from the Kremlin.
So essentially, sir.
Cohen tried to minimize contact with the Russian government and made such false statements in the submissions.
The judge said: Do you want to make it part of this assignment? Mr.
Atkinson said: Yes, please.
The judge said: Sir.
Cohen, did you hear that?
Michael Cohen said: I did it, your Honour.
The judge said, well, right?
Michael said: That\'s right, your Honour.
There\'s a contact.
The judge said: Is there any further request from the government?
The prosecutor said: No, Your Honour, thank you.
That\'s where we started.
I found him, the judge said.
Cohen has the ability to move on.
I found that he understood his right to give up by pleading guilty.
I further found that there was a factual basis for this plea and I accepted his plea.
So today, President
Long term private lawyer
The time executor of his business was covered up.
Cover for a crimeup.
He acknowledged that during Trump\'s presidential campaign, with the help of the Kremlin, President Trump and his business lied to Congress to the extent that Russia was involved in and pursuing real estate transactions, and, at the same time, the Kremlin is taking international military intelligence operations to distort our election and tilt it toward Trump.
I should have told you that Michael Cohen has consequences for the congressional lies about this matter.
His lies about the Trump Tower Moscow incident made a mess of reports made by House Republicans a few months ago, and they announced that they had fully investigated all the allegations about Trump and Russia, which proved, trump did nothing, it\'s really a big witch --hunt.
Do you remember when House Republicans published the report a few months ago?
Michael Cohen lied to Congress about the Trump Tower Moscow project and became a House Republican report.
As can be seen from the report: Cohen tried to expel members of the Russian government to try to move the project forward, but apparently did not have any direct contacts.
Cohen seems to have never received a response from anyone associated with the Russian government.
Neither President Putin nor any member of the Russian government really participated in the project.
These are all lies, but Republicans bought everything in Congress, hooks, lines and sinks.
They repeat the content in an unprocessed form as their report on what happened between Trump and Russia during the campaign.
Now, Michael Cohen admits these are lies in open court.
Now, this is just the House Republican report on what happened between the central and Russian.
You may remember the Democrats on the intelligence committee who did not sign the report.
When Republicans published the report, they were a little unhappy.
But you may remember that Democrats published their own report, their own minority report, explaining what they learned during the 2016 campaign, what do they have about Trump and Russia? this is a minority party report.
A few people in the House do not have any real power.
So it\'s an object of academic interest, but it\'s not going anywhere.
However, they proved to be very prescient.
One thing the House Democrats, under the leadership of the intelligence committee Adam hifton, they made a very helpful release a few months ago as part of the Democratic report
Emails we have never seen beforeAnd this e-
The Mail shows the source of funding for the Trump Tower in Moscow.
This is 50 pages of the Democratic Party report. This is an e-
Emails we have never seen before.
The date was October 12, 2015.
So it\'s time for the Republican primary, right?
This is from Felix Satar, who works at the Trump Organization, and Michael Cohen, who works at the Trump Organization.
It\'s andrey Kostin, CEO of VTB Bank.
This is the subject line of the mail.
In the body of the email
The Post reported that Kostin is Putin\'s top financial officer and CEO of Russia\'s second largest bank.
He has said that he will provide funds for Moscow in Russia.
This is important to us, not only in terms of financing, but also in terms of Kostin\'s position in Russia is very strong and respected. The e-
Mail end: I will call you later to discuss the issue of signing the letter of intent.
Sure enough, in a few weeks, on the night of the third Republican primary debate in the 2016 general election, in fact, Donald Trump signed a letter of intent to cooperate with the Trump Tower in Moscow, the letter of intent will be funded by a Russian bank called VTB.
Obviously, they have gone too far in the negotiations.
They can do better intentions because they have one of the main things you need to keep moving forward with this project and they have financing.
It will be VTB.
This is a very big bank in Russia. It is state-run.
It\'s also government sanctions, so Americans are not allowed to do business with them.
Maybe this is a small point in the bigger plan, but I point this out because a very clever trick happened in today\'s news.
So we have this trial record today.
This is a surprise to the Federal Court of New York.
Michael Cohen, Trump\'s lawyer, appeared in court and admitted lying to Congress.
What happened to Michael Cohen today tells us something different that is very interesting for our current status as a nation and the term and term of office of this president.
First, it tells us that Miller\'s prosecutor is willing to file felony charges against people who lie to Congress at the same time as the scandal.
A few weeks ago, Vanity Fair reported that President eldstesen
I have been very concerned, and the White House has been very worried that he will be prosecuted for lying to Congress, which has never known how to take the concerns in these reports seriously,, if you do not take into account the possibility of filing a felony prosecution with Congress-if you have not taken these possibilities seriously before, someone now pleaded guilty to lying to Congress, you will take this matter more seriously after today.
In fact, today\'s prosecution is to lie to Congress, and it also raises very interesting on-site questions, new questions about the relationship between Congress and Miller\'s investigation, as Democrats prepare to take over the house.
I mean, if Mueller charges people who lie to the congressional committee, it\'s a living issue for members of Congress now, with regard to whether the commission will hand over the transcripts of the testimony of the witnesses of the Russian investigation, so that Mueller can review the transcripts to obtain a potential permanent permit for a fee.
Congressman Adam Shiff made it clear today that when he and the Democrats are in the new year, at least on the Intelligence Committee, they will immediately send Mueller all transcripts of all witnesses who testified, these witnesses may find that their testimony is new to Mueller\'s investigation, as people begin to admit that the felony lying is submitted to Congress at the same time as the scandal.
Another thing that went to court today told us that Robert Miller lived well.
The last time Michael Cohen pleaded guilty in the Federal Court of New York, prosecutors were opposed, and prosecutors who signed all these court documents were prosecutors in the Southern District of New York.
Today, it is the prosecutor of the Robert Miller office, the name of Robert Miller and the signature on the court file.
If the Justice Department had installed Matthew Whitaker to stop the investigation into the Merle people, it would have been clear today that this did not happen.
This is an important new step in Mueller\'s investigation.
Whitaker did not stop, in fact, Nicola Wallace of MSNBC reported today that Matt Whitaker did not actually supervise Miller\'s investigation directly in one day --to-day basis.
According to Nicolai\'s report today, Miller\'s investigation is still under the supervision of Rod Rosenstein from the Office of the deputy minister of justice --to-day basis.
In a practical sense, according to The Washington Post tonight, it means that Matthew Whitaker was told what was going to happen today, but he was not asked.
He was not asked for approval.
It was approved by Rosenstein.
So, Whitaker knows what\'s going on, but he doesn\'t say yes or no \".
It seems important.
Another thing that this action tells us today is that we will get more information from Mueller.
In the complaint signed today by Michael Cohen, there was a statement on the crime, criminal information, and a plea agreement.
Sometimes it\'s hard to tell how many of these things are boiler plates, but even if it\'s a model, the line in Cohen\'s plea agreement still seems important.
It wrote in Cohen\'s plea agreement today: the government reserves the right to describe, orally and in writing, the nature and seriousness of your client\'s misconduct, including any misconduct not described in the charges your client pleaded guilty. Oh.
Michael Cohen will be sentenced on December 12 for the former felony he defended and the felony he defended today.
Accordingly, the Office of the special counsel and his plea agreement reserve the right to inform
On the occasion of Cohen\'s sentence, all of this was in open court, and it was only a few weeks, retaining the right to tell everything, even things that did not involve the charges.
It\'s just something Cohen happened to know or be involved in.
Of course, just a few days ago, the Office of the special adviser was established in another court in Washington. C.
They intend to submit a detailed report outlining the crimes and lies of Trump campaign president Paul Manafort.
So, it\'s basically Robert Mueller who keeps a podium and a livemmicrophone for himself at the top of these two active cases for his own time and occasion of choice.
The Manafort hearing will be held tomorrow. C. at 9:30 a. m.
We don\'t know yet whether the judge will ask Miller\'s prosecutor to begin to elaborate on Manafort\'s crimes and lies, but we will keep a close eye on this procedure when it opens tomorrow morning.
The big picture here, of course, is Robert Miller of the special prosecutor\'s office and attorney histeam, and they know that they have evidence that there is a ridiculous damn scene involving the current president, mueller has now begun a public display.
What we now know about Miller is that during the presidential campaign in 2016, he secretly tried to secure the biggest business deal of his life through direct contact with the Kremlin.
When the Kremlin planned a military intelligence attack in our election to help Trump win, he was trying to reach a business deal.
The transaction was confidential at that time.
He talked openly about it with his business partners.
Then they launched a well-crafted cover.
A secret-keeping movement, including lying to Congress.
Now it has exposed, in addition to this revelation, a huge neon question mark is whether there is a direct link between Putin\'s attack on our election to benefit Trump and Trump from involving the Kremlin.
Six months ago, BuzzFeed News reported that when Michael Cohen and foreign contacts discussed the Trump Tower Moscow agreement, more than one of these foreign contacts was directly involved in the Russian attack on our election.
When you should talk about real estate transactions, why would you bet against the one who attacked the election?
Why are these two things connected?
Tonight, \"BuzzFeed News\" reported that part of the Trump Tower Moscow agreement is that Putin personally will receive a free $50 million penthouse at the top of the Trump Tower Moscow, basically to make the deal more sweet.
Why not, of course?
For those who manipulate the election for you, this is the least you can do.
What a good hostess gift.
You give me America, I give you beautiful apartment. This is deal.
This is a trade in any language.
In today\'s news, it\'s all these clever tricks.
On the same day that all of this happened, on the same day that Michael Cohen suddenly appeared in the federal court, acknowledging lies about the Trump Tower Moscow agreement, the deal will be funded by a sanctioned Russian state.
The bank controlled by VTB, when he appeared in court today to defend, we got all the information about the deal that the president secretly participated in
Senior officials in the Kremlin and a state
When we got all of this today, we took control of the Russian bank and flourished, and today also in Germany, where the world headquarters of Deutsche Bank was raided by the German authorities.
That\'s why this is another book of this remarkable, compelling story during Trump\'s presidency today.
Deutsche Bank has so far been Donald Trump\'s biggest lender.
A long time ago, other banks would turn off all the lights and pull the curtains open, and when he came in and knocked on the door, pretending they were not at home, Deutsche Bank was happy and puzzling, even after Trump screwed them up many times, he is still happy to keep Trump and his business at the level of hundreds of millions of dollars.
Deutsche Bank\'s generosity to Donald Trump has been a financial mystery.
Why did they borrow money from him?
This led to questions about where the money came from and they were very willing to push in his direction.
Deutsche Bank was convicted last year of money laundering from Russia, such as $10 billion-$10 billion, compared with $10 billion from VTB.
Today, when Michael Cohen admitted lying to Congress on the VTB-funded Trump Tower Moscow project, Deutsche Bank\'s world headquarters was raided, which is said to be the consequence of the Panama leak.
In the Panama document leak, Deutsche Bank was charged with more Russian money laundering related to VTB.
So this is God\'s trick today.
It\'s easy for them to track these points when there are only two points, right?
I mean, if Russia wants to buy one for itselfS.
President, they need to figure out how to distort our election, and they need a candidate to compromise to win it.
Christopher\'s history file for hydraulic fracturing.
How has Russia reportedly tried to compromise and nurture Donald Trump over the years?
By offering him lucrative real estate deals in Russia, perhaps something can be arranged with the help of the Kremlin.
You need money from a state.
Bank of Russia?
The Kremlin can help.
Hey, if that state
The controlled Russian bank has been involved in a massive crime money laundering program with the banks that fund you and your business, hey, you know, who will know any of them? Just lie.
They can never track these things.
Now, we know they have tracked the problem.
Trump told the New York Times a few months ago that it would be a red line if they got into his business and his business finances.
Cross the red line. We are past it. We are Wile E.
The coyote was afraid to look down and ran down from the edge of the cliff.
Or maybe the president outside.
I don\'t know if he has the ability to look down.
But this has entered a new phase. Stay with us. (
Business break)
MADDOW: some month this year, \"BuzzFeed News\" released the final story of what they call the Trump Tower in Moscow during the 2016 presidential campaign.
The article is the first place to report, and the effort to build the Trump Tower in Moscow did not end before the first primary, the official Trump route in the story.
\"BuzzFeed\" has the potential to actually run the Trump Tower Moscow project for months in the campaign until the summer of 2016, when, frankly, the primary election is over.
BuzzFeed also published text between Felix Sater and Michael Cohenyou at the time, which you see on the left and on the right.
That summer\'s text message showed the two had been trying to arrange a meeting between Trump and Putin to discuss the property deal.
Quote, Sater texted Cohen.
I talked to Moscow.
Assuming a trip has occurred, the problem is before or after the meeting.
Cohen wrote back that day: my trip before Cleveland, before the convention, Trump, after that, became the nominee.
The same text message was originally reported by \"BuzzFeed News\" inMay, and today, six months later, it appears again today in criminal charges against Michael Cohen.
Anthony colmere and Jason Leopold had this story before others figured it out, and now they are reporting again about what the Miller office just accused Michael Cohen in federal court.
Well, now, tonight, like Cohen just pleaded guilty, these journalists from \"BuzzFeed\" broke something new on the same story, just like a small public service announcement, stop if you\'re drinking or eating. Swallow.
I don\'t want you to spit anything out on your nicecouch.
I like your couch.
This is their headline for tonight: The Trump group plans to offer Putin a $50 million penthouse at Trump Tower in Moscow.
Quote: President Donald Trump\'s company plans to offer Russian President Vladimir Putin a $50 million penthouse at Trump Tower in Moscow when negotiating property development during the 2016 campaign. Two U. S.
Law enforcement officials told BuzzFeed News that Trump\'s then-private lawyer, Michael Cohen, discussed the idea with a representative of Putin\'s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov.
The fact that Trump\'s delegates plan to establish direct financial links with the leaders of a hostile country at the height of the campaign raises new questions about President Trump\'s relationship with the Kremlin.
Oh, I don\'t know.
Isn\'t every presidential candidate offering a $50 million gift to foreign leaders who were conducting military intelligence operations at the time to help the candidate become president of the United States?
Not all of them? Yawn.
Is this not normal?
Now joining us is Anthony colmere, a reporter for BuzzFeed News, who has been ahead of the story since the beginning.
I have to say congrats.
Anthony cormier: Thank you.
MADDOW: First of all, let me ask you, obviously Miller is accusing a lot of things today, and what Michael Cohen is pleading for is what you \'ve reported before.
So, anything else you \'ve reported about Cohen before, you were surprised not to show up today? CORMIER: Yes. No, not really.
I mean, it came out of the field on the left.
I don\'t think there are a lot of people who know that he is negotiating at this level.
We heard some rumbling.
I was really surprised that they actually confirmed that he called Peskov.
If you remember, he always thought I was just going to the Kremlin.
The government basically sent an email. mail.
I never got in touch with a pretty high peskov.
Kremlin officials.
So, it\'s really strange for me that the office of the special adviser has fixed the issue.
MADDOW: What advice does this have for you about their access to intelligence information and sources?
They either have signal intelligence or Michael just gave up the goods, right?
Either they caught him or he was just working together.
I don\'t know which one it is at this point.
Michael Cohen had not reached a formal cooperation agreement with the government before, and now there is.
What\'s the difference?
We know he worked together before.
He is now cooperating under an agreement.
It was suggested to us that the difference is that you have no way to stop anything without a cooperation agreement.
In fact, you have to tell them everything and go back to the fact that you enjoyed stealing gum balls when you were 8.
Given your report and your wide range of sources on this issue, do you feel that if Michael Cohen is an open book to prosecutors, there is nothing he can stop, is there something quite dangerous about his potential testimony?
Oh, God.
What people know about the amount of notes he keeps, the potential recordings he has?
I mean, Michael Cohen is a very dangerous threat to the president of the United States. I mean, he is.
Obviously, the White House has been trying to bury Michael Cohen through a series of reports about leaks for the past few months, and I know a little about Michael.
I know the people who know him, and the people who are familiar with his ideas are very clear that he acted in the way he decided to be a patriot.
He is acting in his mind to help the public know exactly what happened in 2016, both hell and climax.
MADDOW: do you think the Trump Tower Moscow agreement, or anything else that Michael Cohen personally participates in during the campaign, is there a direct relationship, any coordination, with Russia interfering in the election to help Trump, conspiracy, collusion between the Russian government and the Trump campaign to work together to help Trump get foreign aid?
CORMIER: So, in one of our articles published in may and one of our articles published today, there is a short story, before Mueller is involved, two FBI agents who were directly aware of the investigation told to communicate with more than one person who knew or was involved in electoral disruption.
So he was talking to them about the Trump Tower in Moscow, but they themselves were involved in the intervention, or were they aware of the intervention?
Colmere: That\'s right.
Why are these two things related?
Why are the same two people involved in these two things?
Good question.
I don\'t know who they are.
We are with our sources and try to let them know what it is.
They said we talked to them today at factwe.
Slow down. we\'re still trying. I don`t know. I can`t tell.
I don\'t know who it is, and I don\'t want to guess.
But there is something about this particular deal, the interference of this Moscow Tower and the connection, there is a connection there, I don\'t understand yet.
MADDOW: in short, it\'s not your report that soy doesn\'t want row to ask you to comment on what you personally don\'t know.
But according to the New York Times, a Russian general with a military intelligence background was involved.
Yes, he is.
We reported it first.
Very good, very good.
So, they will report further this evening.
Camille: Great.
MADDOW: is there any military intelligence on that door? Does the Trump Tower Moscow agreement have elements of Russian intelligence operations?
CORMIER: I understand, I hear you don\'t-no one will leave GRU.
No one left the Russian intelligence service.
But my understanding is that the man is a bit like a gray hat and he may have helped the United States. S.
The number of intelligence missions in the past. I`m notcertain.
That\'s not the guy I bet on.
He\'s a friend of Felix Sather, right?
Felix Sater was involved in the deal.
But I\'m not sure.
None of my sources suggested, and I\'m not sure if he\'s the one I\'ll turn to right away.
I\'m more curious about who these people are talking to in the bank or in the Kremlin.
Who is working behind the scenes?
People in the bank or the Kremlin. OK.
I feel like I\'m following your crumbs these days.
Anthony Cormier, a reporter for \"BuzzFeed News\", is an absolutely groundbreaking job. Thanks.
Really grateful. Thank you.
MADDOW: There\'s a lot more to do tonight. Stay with us. (
Business break)
MADDOW: this summer, just a few days before President Trump\'s upcoming summit with Putin, remember?
Robert Muel dropped a 12-
Prosecution of Russian intelligence personnel who invaded our election.
So when Mueller made these allegations, President Trump was meeting with people who ordered the 12 Russian intelligence men to invade our election first.
Good luck with your meeting, Sir.
We packed you a snack for your trip and this indictment against Putin should give you enough time to chat when you meetto-face.
Then, today, the president traveled to Argentina for the G20 summit.
When he is there, he may or may not meet with Putin.
The president said today that he might meet Putin.
Less than an hour later, he announced on Twitter that the meeting would be canceled.
I should tell you that the Kremlin still seems to think it has started.
In addition, President Putin and President Trump will attend the same summit all weekend.
So, now, like the last time, the president received another travel gift from the special adviser during the trip.
Sir, this is the inflatable memory foam neck pillow for your flight.
Robert Muel today chose to accuse the president of private lawyers in Russia of lying about the president\'s secret financial deal in Russia before Trump and Putin met in Argentina.
Miller action is opaque in what they are doing and why they are doing.
But we now have good evidence that they seem to have had some of the most provocative shots against Russia before Trump had a chance to meet his people, and Russia\'s most provocative visit to the land to see Putin.
Tonight, we have more about kohern\'s new plea and what it means to investigate Russia.
In addition, it can tell us about the new people in charge of the Department of Justice.
There are some surprising revelations today. Stay with us. (
Business break)
MADDOW: The Washington Post reported tonight that acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker was told in advance that Michael Cohen would plead guilty to the campaign for charges of lying to Congress during the presidential campaign.
Whitaker was told that this will happen today, but he did not have the opportunity to approve or disapprove the step.
Nicolle Wallace of MSNBC reported today that acting attorney general MattWhitaker did not directly supervise Miller\'s investigation.
He didn\'t decide, as he did today, on the president\'s new crime charges. time lawyer.
According to Nicol\'s report today, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein still does all these things as before.
I have problem
Are we allowed to know?
Will Congress be allowed to know, especially if Democrats take over the house?
Is Miller\'s actions hindered, especially if they are improperly hindered in the Department of Justice, is there any visibility?
Should we believe that Mueller\'s behavior means that Mueller\'s behavior is unimpeded?
When we discuss this, when Democrats take over the house in January, what will Democrats do with Miller\'s allegations that he is now submitting witnesses to Congress in a Russian investigation?
Do they think other witnesses should be subject to the same charges, and the same punishment is that House Democrats have expressed concern that some of the proofs given by Trump allies and Trump aides during the investigation are untrue?
Now we are joined by Jim Sims, a Democratic member of the House Intelligence Committee.
Senator Sims, thank you very much for joining us.
I\'m so happy to have you tonight. REP. JIM HIMES (D-CT)
House Intelligence Committee: Good evening, Rachel.
So, let me first understand your response to Michael Cohen\'s plea today, and the new revelation that it brings to us, that the president is involved in a business agreement with Russia, directly involved in the Kremlin during the election campaign
Well, that\'s great.
I mean, it\'s especially amazing for lesbian people.
He obviously lied to Congress.
I mean, you sit down and look at this thing and you realize that everyone, everyone, is lying about their contact with Russia.
I mean, from Mike Flynn to papazopoulos to Manafort and now to Cohen.
Lying to Congress is a big deal.
People don\'t usually do that.
So, this clearly raises why?
Why lie?
What is below?
This is obviously what I suspect we will hear from Miller, and as you said just now, it certainly gives us some follow-up clues, because, of course, transcripts of various witnesses received before the sudden end of the House Intelligence Committee, you know, now, I think there will be some additional impact.
MADDOW: Obviously, as far as those records are concerned, they are now starting to reconsider the interests because we were told that Miller was allowed to review Cohen\'s testimony on the Senate Intelligence Committee. -
Cohen\'s lawyer was present.
The Senate Intelligence Committee has provided some vague information on what kind of criminal transfer they might be making, or what information they have delivered on Miller.
But as far as I know, there is actually a vote in the Committee of the House that these transcripts should be made public and should be made public.
What is the status of these transcripts now?
HIMES: well, so, just before that, of course, the Democrats on the committee have put forward a motion to communicate all the transcripts to the special counsel, because at that time, we suspect that a lie has been made to the House Intelligence Committee.
The bill was rejected by a Republican majority in the committee, but as you pointed out, the vote was followed and all records were made public.
My understanding is that the process is nearing completion.
It must be decrypted.
Some transcripts contain confidential information.
But of course, once the transcript is made public, it\'s not just Muellerand others who are looking for a possible lie.
Everyone, including the media, has the opportunity to do so.
MADDOW: given what you see from Cohen\'s testimony and from other people who testified behind closed doors in your committee, you believe there are others within the government, or someone associated with the campaign and the president\'s business, who will face the same charges to Congress for cohenface\'s outspoken lies today?
I\'m not really surprised.
Without understanding the specifics of the testimony and knowing what remains a closed investigation, I will tell you, needless to say, that we have asked a lot of questions about contact with Russia, we asked a lot of witnesses what Michael Cohen lied about.
At that time, I don\'t remember any inconsistency, but I didn\'t specify it.
So I do doubt that Michael Cohen may not be the last person to be reviewed for possibly lying to Congress.
There is also a completely different topic here.
You know, when the investigation was conducted by Republicans, they actually stopped us from asking for follow-up
From the execution of the summons, questions are raised from obtaining conclusive information that may prove the authenticity of the witness.
Most Republicans allow anyone associated with the White House to claim administrative privileges in one of the most outrageous and extensive concepts of administrative privilege you can imagine.
So I think we\'ll have a lot of leads to follow up after January.
MADDOW: just-I know you can\'t specify the testimony of the witness who spoke while the car was closed, but just pick some of what you just said there, you said, when you hear answers to questions about contact with Russia, including answers from Michael Cohen, the witness\'s answer does not seem to be contradictory.
We now know that Michael Cohen\'s answer is full of lies.
Are you saying that some different witnesses may have said the same lie as if it was a concerted effort?
I\'m not quite sure if my strategy is coordinated, but we\'ll still notice it.
Your inference is right.
If someone tells a very different story about contact with Russia on the president\'s business interests, we may notice and say waita seconds, which is completely inconsistent.
Of course I did not notice this completely.
Now, of course, everyone\'s testimony is-you know, remember, just 48 hours ago, Paul Manafort, it turns out that he was lying when he worked with the special adviser.
So, yeah, I guess, you know, especially because we\'re not allowed to follow.
Well, I want every witness present, you know, when talking about the president\'s investment and business interests in Russia, these records need to be looked at and studied with a critical eye.
MADDOW: Mr. Jim Sims, Democratic member of the House Intelligence Committee, thank you for your time tonight.
I really appreciate it.
Thanks, Rachel.
Next, Emily Jane Fox joins us. Stay with us. (
Business break)
Now we are joined by our friend Emily Jane Fox.
She is a senior reporter for Vanity Fair.
She has been following Michael Cohen\'s pain for months and keeps coming up with updates about him, including her new footage tonight, and Cohen\'s plea was quickly agreed.
The latest news from Emily Jane Fox has just been released on Vanity Fair.
Emily, thank you for coming.
Emily Jane Fox from Vanity Fair: Thank you for inviting me.
Very fast.
You mean this happened in the last two weeks.
Isn\'t this something that has been infiltrating for a long time?
Fox: No, two weeks is also a period of time for the president to submit written questions to Robert Mueller\'s team.
Now, as we have learned from the New York Times and other reports, this is something the president\'s team has been concerned about, what they call the perjury trap, whether today\'s plea is related to the answer and time.
Now, what I\'m going to say is, let\'s put this in the second context, Michael Cohen\'s plea with the Southern District of New York on August, was also quickly pleaded guilty.
It was five days.
So, when it comes to Cohen, they move quickly. MADDOW: Right.
Fox: but I don\'t think we should look at the timing entirely either.
MADDOW: as far as the president is concerned-the president lied about Mueller\'s investigation into the Trump Tower project, talking about the Trump Tower project, after these things are consistent with Cohen\'s previous statements or public statements in Congress, thinking that Cohen will stick to them, and once Cohen announces that these are lies, if Mueller\'s team has evidence that this is a lie, then he also accused the president of lying about it. FOX: Sure.
Now, the president\'s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, said today that the answers they submitted are consistent.
That\'s what I heard, said Rudy Giuliani. (LAUGHTER)(CROSSTALK)
Fox: I was on your set this summer, and Rudy Giuliani also said-I talked to him before your set, michael Cohen\'s recording of the president is that the president said they can\'t pay for the \"National Inquirer\" for the story of a woman who has an affair with him, which is Cohen\'s suggestion, the president corrected him and he had to pay by cheque.
We heard it three days later, but the opposite is true.
So, take one sentence we heard today-MADDOW: you have a long report cabinet when it comes to SirCohen.
One thing I would like to ask you is that after Cohen pleaded guilty on August, you really highlighted this for me in a way that no one else has, and I found it very useful, he did start working with the prosecutor of mueller and, in fact, with other prosecutors.
But he did not do so under the cooperation agreement.
He did not sign the agreement.
Fox: Not yet.
But he did sign a plea deal today.
So he does have a formal cooperation agreement that he didn\'t have before.
Fox: I don\'t think it\'s a traditional cooperation agreement, the kind of agreement that Paul Manafort signed before his release.
I mean, I don\'t think this is the kind of cooperation agreement that Michael Flynn signed.
It\'s not a kind of collaboration-I learned from people around Cohen that it\'s not a cooperation agreement and he has to start from the day he was born until today, admit that he did everything wrong and did everything wrong. ha ha, if so, my understanding is correct.
Fox: this is the way I understand from people in Cohen world.
MADDOW: why is it important for him not to sign such an agreement?
Fox: I think there are many reasons why people don\'t sign such an agreement.
Some of these reasons include the fact that you want others to see you do the right thing.
Other reasons include that when you are a formal witness, not only do you have to admit that you have done something wrong, but you have to admit that others around you have done something wrong.
MADDOW: we know in Cohen\'s legal proceedings today, is there anyone who has been granted an exemption and is there anyone else around him?
I don\'t know-Emily Jane Fox, this is a very exciting story.
I think it\'s going faster than any of us. FOX: Too fast.
Yes, that\'s great.
Thank you for coming.
Thank you for inviting me. MADDOW: Thanks. All right.
We will be back soon. Stay with us. (
Business break)
MADDOW: Just to let you know what\'s going on behind the scenes, in a business break, I\'m now like reading every line of Michael Cohen\'s plea agreement in the control room.
Isn\'t he going to say anything?
This is a very exciting story.
As we understand it, it continues to evolve.
That\'s what it is for us tonight.
I want to read the complaint again.
See you tomorrow.
It\'s time for \"The last word of Lawrence O\'Donnell.
Good evening, Lawrence.
This is a report card in a hurry.
This copy may not have the final form and may be updated.
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All materials here are protected by US copyright law and may not be copied, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without the prior written permission of ASC Services II Media, LLC.
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