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Choosing a Memory Foam Pillow

by:Qihao      2020-07-25
With so many companies claiming to produce the most effective memory foam pillow, choosing the one that best meets your needs can be a difficult choice. A memory foam pillow is a pillow made from a new material that is developed using a special type of construction, called 'open cell'. Before being used in pillows, this technology was successfully utilized by NASA who wanted to reduce the pressure placed on astronauts when taking off. In your pillow this material is warmed by the natural heat from your head and neck and when it's warmed the material softens. This means that the pillow naturally creates a shape that moulds to the natural contours of your neck and head, therefore providing superior levels of support. This type of pillow may help if you suffer from aches or pains (especially back ache), headaches, arthritis or have trouble sleeping. Many people who use memory foam would never go back to a standard pillow in the future. Choosing your memory foam pillow There are numerous different types available today, these pillows vary widely in price and quality. These pillows are not cheap and it's important to decide on your budget before going shopping, however you may find pillows at the lower end of the price scale have not been ergonomically designed. Think of this as an investment that will provide significant improvements to your health. In general the high the density the better the quality of your pillow, look for a pillow density of between 2.5 and 5 pounds. This information should be displayed on the packaging. Look for a memory foam pillow in a size that suits your body, sleeping preferences and obviously the size of your bed. Try and buy from a reputable dealer or online store where there is a member of staff who can provide expert advice Before you leave for the shops it's worth reading some memory foam pillow reviews or even better talking to someone who already uses a memory foam pillow. You may find it takes you a few nights to get used to your new pillow, try not to give up as once your body has adapted to the superior levels of support you will find that you wake up feeling refreshed and ache free.
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