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Choose a Suitable Pillow

by:Qihao      2020-11-01
Choosing a suitable pillow is so important for your sleep and health. This is a good pillow: 1. With healthy fabrics. The pillowcase and the pillow inner are used daily and in contact with the skin, so they should be kept dry and clean. Breathable, moisture-wicking and washable pure cotton material is the first choice. The process of getting pure cotton silk-like can make the pillowcase (refer to ) feel smooth and fresh. For being in contact with the skin directly, an embroidery pillowcase is less suitable than a jacquard one. The color of the pillowcase should be dirt-highlighted so that we can wash it in time and keep the pillow clean. 2. One-fist high. A thick pillow makes the neck lean forward too much and leads to muscle tension and pain and insufficient blood supply to the brain. Conversely, a thin pillow or no pillow leaves the cervical spine impending and causes snoring. The proper height of pillow should be 10-15 centimeters so that the head and the body can be kept level when sleeping on the back. Generally, the pillow should be one-fist high for sleeping on the back, while two-fist high for sleeping on the shoulder. 3. Not too soft or too hard. People have their own preferences, but too hard a pillow has less contact area with the head, so the pressure increases and makes the scalp uncomfortable; if the pillow is too soft, it cannot maintain a certain height, so it will lead too much strain to the neck muscle and cause the breath obstructed, which is will interfere with sleep. Only a soft pillow, and also with a certain degree of hardness, can reduce the pressure between the scalp and the pillow and maintain non-uniform pressure so that the blood can get through via where the pressure is low. 4. With pleasant smell. A pillow that is dried in the sun has a clean smell of sunshine, bringing us a sense of security. In fact, moderate natural fragrance can also calm the nerves and help sleep. There are kinds of natural aromatic filling materials, such as lavender, helping us relax, and chrysanthemum and oolong tea, having good effect of calming the mind. Sewing some dried herbal tea into your pillow allows the air flow through the pillow and thus keep the skin breathe freely and the head dry and comfortable. 5. 3 degree cooler. When we get asleep, the temperature of the head is around 34-34.5 degree centigrade, less than the body temperature. If the head temperature is too high, we will find it difficult to sleep. So the pillows people choose are quite different according to different latitude and seasons; generally, people add a blanket in winter and a summer sleeping mat in summer. The pillow we choose should accord with the regional and the seasonal features and keep the head under best temperature during sleep (refer to ). 6. With periodic maintenance During sleep, people breathe out a lot of impure air which leaks into the pillow (refer to ) and the scalp secretes sweat and dirt; they make the pillow a container of dirt. The sources of allergy, such as mites and dust, can leads to allergic diseases. Only washing the pillow towel and pillowcase cannot solve the problem, we should do the following at regular intervals: washing the pillow, drying it in the sun and letting it breathe some fresh air, or using a professional UV acarid-removing vacuum cleaner for disinfection.
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