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Can Foam Mattresses Help Restless Sleepers? You Decide

by:Qihao      2020-08-08
Memory foam mattresses with Visco elastic properties were designed by NASA in the early 70's to help astronauts deal with gravity forces during initial take-off. These G-forces were of great concern for NASA engineers and administration as they sought for ways to protect their pilots. NASA approved projects to find a material that would conform and support their body shapes when they needed it most. A material was created of synthetic polyurethane foam that allowed the body to be relieved of the heaviness that occurred during lift off, thus giving the astronauts more comfort from the tremendous pressures. After about 20 years, the technology was adapted to a more commercialized application, foam mattresses. Introduced in the early 90's by a Swiss based company, these brands helped millions of people that had issues using the standard box spring and mattress products. The principles of pressure and conformity to the body during sleep were similar to what the astronauts had to deal with. Of course, sleeping and spaceflight are two different things, but the concept of relieving pressure on the body was accomplished using this new material. This special memory foam allows the contours of the body to be matched within the mattress and offers more support during sleep. With every move and angle, the foam provides a perfect fit to ensure maximum comfort. When the person moves positions, the memory foam adjusts accordingly. If you suffer from restless sleep and need better support for your body, a foam mattress with visco properties may be exactly what you need.
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