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best travel gifts for the globetrotter in your life

by:Qihao      2019-09-04
While we like to explore new destinations, reaching point B from point A can be a real drag.
Long stopovers, chaotic luggage restrictions and noisy cabin are all modern-
A day\'s travel experience, but you can minimize their effects with these handy gadgets. From an easy-to-
Using a luggage scale to a portable charging station, using an ergonomic headrest, Gayot lists all aspects of your trip on our list.
If you are traveling for a holiday, open these gifts in advance in order to relieve stress
Free family holidays
When you are always on the go, the last thing you need is the death of your mobile device.
Go Puck 5X allows you to charge your electronics anywhere in the world.
Lamp in pocket
Restart the size and packaging capabilities of any phone or tablet to provide standard and fast charging at speeds up to 2 amps.
Go Puck has shockproof and vibration resistance, and is equipped with a variety of adapters such as Apple, PSP, LG.
For long international flights, headphones and sleep masks are a must-have tool for peaceful travel.
Developed by A. M. D.
, Sleepphone combines two accessories in a smooth package.
Sleep phones come with a pair of speakers hidden inside a soft and comfortable headband that can be connected to a mobile device to play music or podcasts.
Then, when the user wants to rest, the headband can be placed on their eyes.
The headband is washable and the product offers a free app and a crafted soothing mp3 to help you fall asleep faster.
Want to know if your trip is too packed?
Using brill\'s travel luggage scale can avoid extra baggage charges so you can weigh your luggage before you go to the airport.
Equipped with a multi-function LCD display, the scale provides accurate digital readings and is powered by free livinglong battery.
The stainless steel design and compact size make it portable and you can choose between different measuring units, including pounds, kilograms, grams and ounces.
Hartman has been making classic and innovative travel gear since 1877.
The company\'s 7R spinner series has once again surpassed itself, the lightest series yet by Hartman.
The luggage is stylish and durable, made of 100% metal \"Curv\" material.
The four multi-directional rotary wheels make it easy to move your suitcase, while the comfortable leather handle can be lifted easily.
If you don\'t like metal, the flower series will definitely suit your preference.
This comfortable memory foam pad can be customized for optimal comfort with its unique front slide
Lock switch adjusted for perfect fit.
The back pillow is flat, not round, so it won\'t push your head forward.
Also, side up to prevent your head from nodding to the left and right.
However, our favorite is the media bag, where a side bag can hold your phone, aspirin, or whatever little thing you might want.
After taking a nap, put the pillowcase in the water
It can be compressed into a quarter of its full size.
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