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Product Characteristics ( MF503010G )

Cool touch contour memory foam pillow consists of silicone gel layer, memory foam and sandwich mesh pillow cover.

Cool silicone gel layer 

Made by latest gel technology, provide ultimate cool comfort by absorbing excess heat. Lower temperature of neck and head, keep nice and cool in hot weather, eliminate tiredness, calm your mind, get a deep sleep the whole night. - Best partner in summer.

Therapeutic Contour memory foam

Low and high ergonomic design - ideal for side, back and stomach sleepers

- Lower contour for sleeping on back or stomach

-Higher contour for sleeping on side.

or you can choose one of them for support that feels best to you.


Ergonomically designed to allow neck and shoulder muscles to relax completely. Contour design gives proper support to neck by aligning your spine in optimum position, relieve neck and back discomfort, let you sleep more deeply and rejuvenate.

low rebound Memory foam

- keep soft and comfortable with gentle support in all seasons.

- Hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and anti-mildew. Provide you healthier life.