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best first class beds in the sky, from singapore airlines’ suites to etihad airways’ apartments

by:Qihao      2019-09-03
What do you mean by flying first class?
Does this gold ticket mean that you have succeeded in your life or that you are still on the way up?
In any case, different people have different expectations when they live too high.
Some people want to get food and drinks before they reach their destination, while others pay extra for the comfort, privacy and quietness needed to sleep the whole journey.
While none of the two airlines have the exact same premium cabin, there are qualities that can lift aircraft seats from just seats to a comfortable sleeping surface.
Passenger feedback has led airlines to prioritize personal space, privacy and quality bedding in first class, which is good news for those with money or miles.
There are 10 best first class seats for sleeping-each with a fan explaining why regulars like them.
The bedside lamp darkens the remnants of your dinner-from the menu designed by chef Daniel Brude-has been cleaned up and when you return to the crisp setting, there was fresh champagne waiting for white sheets and fluffy duvet.
Is this a luxury hotel room in Paris?
No, this is 35000ft above the ocean, but the chic Paris hotel is the atmosphere of the Air France channel and has designed their first class La Premiere.
Bed 30 wide, 6 wide-and-a-
Half foot long and completely flat, it is one of the largest sleeping surfaces on commercial aircraft.
The most popular airline Boeing 777 for the Los Angeles premiere
300ER, private cabin with only four suites (
Nine on the Airbus A380and floor-to-
Ceiling curtains with magnetic closure provide the ultimate privacy for each seat.
One fan said: \"I love pillows and bedding-can\'t forget the memory foam mattress-all of which are by Sofitel, the French luxury chain hotel.
The design of the suite is exquisite but comfortable.
Sam Cui from Dubai
Frequent Flyer and vlogger based on senior airline seat reviews. (samchui. com)
It is worth mentioning that: Super
There are only four private cabins on 777.
Best for: foodies and foodies.
Pad to the toilet and change into a free sleep suit designed by Hong Kong tailor PYE, return to the seat and find it 500-thread-
Quilts, pillows and mats (
Sweet dreams and pralines).
Under the Sheets, the first class seat itself is equipped with a massage function to help relieve stress and relax.
One fan said: \"This is not an updated product, but Cathay Pacific\'s first class provides very reliable sleep.
The seats are wide and they have arranged three first class seats
Not the standard four.
Very comfortable beds and beds.
When you sleep, the crew are away from the cabin and will only come when you call.
Travel expert and blogger Gary Leff. (From the wing. com)
It is worth mentioning that: reliable quality service.
Best for: sideways sleepers and travelers who like the wide shoulder room click the \"don\'t disturb\" button to close the door of the suite and grab the pillow mist and pulse
Before the first apartment suite on Etihad\'s Airbus a380 slides into a bed of 6ft 10, tap the oil from your personal vanity to the amenities.
Hide it, separate from the leather seat, when you take a bath in the aisle, the bed is folded and prepared by the flight attendant.
Yes, this is a plane with a car shower suite, only a few feet away from the residence, the only three
The guest room suite has a private bathroom and shower, and has a separate bedroom, which belongs to its own category.
The mattress, duvet, cotton sheets and pillows and a luxurious throw blanket make up the sleeping surface of the first class with a good night text message on the pillow.
The suite is very large, although it is a \"giant\" aircraft, there is only one on both sides of the aisle, with a total of nine.
Couples traveling together can even lower the partition and partially connect the bed, though only from the waist.
One fan said: \"This has become a benchmark for measuring all my flight experiences.
Flying from Sydney to Abu Dhabi, the food menu looked really good and I told the chef on board to \"surprise me \".
He replied, come and chat with me in my suite and talk about what flavors I like and don\'t like, and then he\'s gone --
Menu and full personalized main course.
Of course, watching movies while lying in bed to sleep, complete comfort is another excellent memory as the credits roll.
Air Correspondent Cynthia Descher
It is worth mentioning that: personalized experience and envy
Induce selfies.
Best for those who fantasize about private jets.
By French luxury yacht designer Jean-
Jacques Coster, the original suite of Singapore Airlines\'s most senior cabin, ignited the luxury frenzy, lay-
In 2007, when they first performed on the Airbus A380, the flat bed on the plane.
Lovers who take selfies with champagne (
Krug or Dom Perignon, both)
Stuffed into their double bed.
Suite for Two)
Lower jaw at 38,000 ft at low
Cost Airlines made headlines by cutting space.
Ten years later, the suite is still one of the best beds in the sky.
To ensure privacy, the sliding door is closed and the bed itself is a separate surface from the seat, eliminating bumps and bumps.
As Singapore Airlines\'s roadmap includes some of the world\'s longest flights, the airline understands the importance of enjoying quality breaks while on the road.
In November, the airline announced the evolution of the suite and its facilities, with the personal space of each suite almost doubling and the introduction of a comfortable suite of the French luxury brand Lalique.
This design by yacht and private aircraft design studio Pierrejean extends the concept of separate beds and seating, reflecting more luxurious hotel rooms than aircraft cabins.
One fan said: \"I love the suite in Singapore because on the Airbus A380 it is a suitable bed and it would be great if you could get double beds.
I think you can have a dedicated bed at any time and it would be better to sleep.
I love the stronger bed, the Singapore bed, so it\'s better for me than the first class bed for other airlines.
\"Flyer koldalgar, blogger of frequent Flyer and travel transcripts. (travelcodex. com)
It is worth mentioning: the focus of the crew.
Best for: couples traveling together on a celebration tour.
Long-First Class
Shipping Swiss flights is a reserved thing, but they make up for flashy seats in consideration.
For example, the firmness of the seat is fully adjustable, and the privacy partition can be extended to the aisle to close your suite (
Eyes of other passengers).
Even for restless passengers who can\'t sleep on the plane, Swiss seats are great;
There\'s a 32-flat one.
Each of the eight suites has a screen, perfect for hiding in and watching movies.
A fan said: \"seats, especially those for Boeing 777 --
The 300ER is the perfect width, offering plenty of privacy without claustrophobic fears.
When reclining, the bed is long enough to allow the sleeper on the back and sides to have plenty of foot space.
The bed is made from the original white linen, reflecting the tradition of Swiss hospitality: plush mattress, large pillow with sturdy but squishy oversized duvet, comfortable and heavy, not too warm.
\"Tiffany Fink, a blogger for a mile at a time. (onemileatatime. boardingarea. com)
It is worth mentioning that the service here is original and rigorous.
Best for: business travelers can sleep well before the big day arrives.
There\'s nothing better than sleeping in your own bed, but at least the first-class service of air Japan is trying to bring sweetness home.
Their Boeing 777-
On the route between Tokyo and New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, London and Paris, the first-
Six-foot suite bedand-a-half-
Fully flat foot length with custom built top
Made from Airweavepillows and mattresses, the latter will flip depending on your personal preference for a soft or sturdy sleeping surface.
The night bed for female passengers is not just chocolate on the pillow;
The flight attendant presents facial cleanser, toner and moisturizing mask from Clede PeauBeaute, while male guests receive Shiseido products.
One fan said: \"I would like to say that the first-class sleep experience of Japanese Airlines is the best in the world.
Shortly after I finished eating, the flight attendant packed up the bed and when I put on my pajamas and went back to my seat, it looked and felt like it was climbing up the bed on the ground, not 36000ft in the air.
I love the width and length of the bed and the mattress that provides hard comfort and soft comfort for the passengers.
The bedding and pillows were very comfortable and on my way to Tokyo I enjoyed 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep.
Alex Navitsky in New York
Frequent Flyer and aviation writer.
It is worth mentioning that it is incredible.
Kaiseki food package and comfortable seating-
Bed to sleep.
Most suitable for food and Japanese.
First class passengers flying to Emirates Boeing 777 received a holiday gift in advance
300ER route, in early December, the airline launched a brand new first class seat with LED starlights on carpets and overhead panels with live-
An intermediate suite with no windows and a streaming camera view of the privacy door from floor to ceiling.
Although the seats and beds in these suites are the same, they are different from UAE competitors who introduce separate bedsand-
Seating suite, when in lay-a feature does transfer the seat to the center of the suite
Flat panel mode, giving passengers more room to sleep on both sidesin-any-
Comfortable location.
One fan said: \"First of all, it feels a bit awkward to sleep with a stranger, which any passenger agrees.
Therefore, the fully closed door gives a comfortable feeling, which definitely makes it more natural.
The crew did a great job of making your bed with seemingly endless duvet and pillows.
Also, you have your little mini bar so you can have snacks between siesta.
The seats are really wide, the handrails are gone, after enjoying the shower on board, close your door, press the \"Do Not Disturb\" button, and then relax and feel very suitable.
\"Travel commentator, points and miles blogger Gilbert Ott of God Save points (
God bless. com).
It is worth mentioning: the bling factor. Best for: Treat-
Travelers of their own.
Qantas first class suite may not have a privacy door or a chef waiting for a personalized meal, but it does offer the longest bed in the sky, measuring 6ft 11in when fully deployed.
When it was time to sleep, a flight attendant rejected the suite and added a foam mattress covered with sheepskin and cotton bedding.
Activate the Do Not Disturb button to ensure peace.
One fan said: \"I would say that Qantas first class offers one of the best sleep experiences in the sky.
Although the Qantas suites are not completely closed, they are very spacious and the bedding is great.
They recently even launched a pillow menu in first class with three options to suit different preferences.
\"Ben Schlappig, a first-class flyer and blogger for one mile at a time (onemileatatime. boardingarea. com).
It is worth mentioning that a long flight to and from Australia is a pleasure.
Suitable for tall travelers.
The highest cabin class at Lufthansa boasts a first-class luxury experience with caviar service
Of course it was a nice meal, a small quiet cabin and a perfectly flat bed. the-
Ground service that really makes it different.
First-class passengers pick-up and drop-off at selected airports by private car (
Yes, even on the tarmac)
In Frankfurt, this means stopping at a separate terminal reserved for first class, where passengers can come in various ways for depth, in-
Sleep early.
Including dining on the seat of the terminal
In the dining room, relax in the deep soaking bathtub or finish the pressing work in the private office.
One fan said: \"My wife said to take the Boeing 747 of Lufthansa Airlines first.
As the bed is separated, 400 is her best sleep experience.
I agree because it\'s not a closed space because I\'m 6ft 5 in which is important to me.
James Merrill Lynch, Vancouver
Based on frequent passengers.
It\'s worth mentioning: a very luxurious ground experience with a private terminal where Porsche can fly directly to first class.
Best for: European travelers who want to enjoy as many stopovers as flying.
When you get to the first class seat --
You can easily fall asleep on a Thai Airways flight.
This is ensured by the airline\'s dedicated first class lounge at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, where the Royal Orchid Spaexists free first class flyers
Body care, including a silk oil massage or a Thai massage.
26 people on board
The spacious seating can be spacious, but the cabin even includes a small lounge area that gives passengers the right space to relax before and after some
Stretch sleep.
One fan said: \"I enjoyed sleeping the first time I was on a Royal Thai flight.
It was a comfortable seat, turned into a flat bed and added privacy, all of which made the ride comfortable.
A good dinner, free of charge
Of course, the flowing Dom Perignon helps the sleep experience.
@ Starflyergold in Brussels-
Based on frequent passengers.
It is worth mentioning that every round has a feeling of luxury.
Best for: Spa snobs.
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