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by:Qihao      2019-08-26
Is the secret of survival on long flights a powerful sleep potion?
More experienced travelers than I think.
But I\'m not sure.
I find that from North America to Europe or Africa, snooze overnight and wake up refreshed, not so much depending on the medicine, but more depending on the location of your body and the way you need it.
Ideally it was first class, lying flat on the bed, but since I usually come back with the chicken, I rely on a new secret weapon: Aeros pillow premium from Sea to summit
Yes, you can buy a bed pillow at any airport, but it won\'t be as beautifully designed as the sea to the top of the mountain.
There are three things about this new collar pillow that make it better and different: First of all, the back of the pillow is gradually becoming thinner to fit well between your nape and the back of the head, with seating.
Unlike most tubular pillows, Aeros supports your head instead of forcing it forward.
Second, you can be micro
Adjust the air level in the pillow through clever valves.
Foam pillows and bead pillows do not need to be adjusted at all, most inflatable pillows are either full or all empty.
Even the most discerning drowsiness can find the right level of support.
Finally, you don\'t have to be one of those people who walk around the airport wearing pillows like neck loops: Aeros weighs only three ounces and is compressed into a small bag a few inches long.
Our family is on holiday in London this summer.
I slept very well on the way over, but seeing everyone stay awake on a long flight and back in California I feel guilty because I left the sea to myself.
However, I found it easier for the guild to manage when you have enough sleep.
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