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Any suppliers selling travel neck pillow at ex-works price?
EXW is a method to boat travel neck pillow . Sorry to have no such record , but producers could be advocated. You might think the pros & cons using EXW transport conditions. When EXW shipping duration is used, you're in charge of the whole shipment. You ought to pay for some costs that could happen during customs clearance, even if the EXW shipping duration is used. Additionally, in the event the producer doesn't have any export permit, you've got to pay for you. Generally, the producer who does not have any export permit frequently uses EXW shipping duration.
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Ningbo Qihao International Trade co., Ltd. is a model for Chinese memory foam travel neck pillow manufactures seeking to become known multinational brands. Qihao's best airplane neck pillow is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. Qihao buy memory foam pillow online is developed and produced according to the concepts of comfort, breathability, wrinkle resistance and moisture absorption to meet the highest textile standards. The product can be OEMed and ODMed to meet customers' requirements. People can trust that the electromagnetic radiation emitted by this product is negligible, not to mention affecting their health. The product is good at relieving neck and back discomfort.

Keeping quality in mind is the cornerstone that keeps Qihao active. Check it!

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