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Any suppliers selling memory foam neck pillow at ex-works price?
EXW is a way to ship memory foam neck pillow. Sorry to have no such list free here, but manufacturers may be recommended. You may consider the pros & cons using EXW shipping terms. When EXW shipping term is used, you are in control of the entire shipment. This makes it impossible for the manufacturer to inflate the local costs or add a margin to the delivery fees. You should pay for any costs that would occur during customs clearance, if the EXW shipping term is applied. In addition, if the manufacturer has no export license, you have to pay for one. In general, the manufacturer who has no export license often uses EXW shipping term.
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Ningbo Qihao International Trade co., Ltd. is dedicated to the production and R&D of memory foam travel neck pillow. As one of Qihao's multiple product series, best memory foam pillow series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. Qihao buy memory foam pillow online is developed and produced according to the concepts of comfort, breathability, wrinkle resistance and moisture absorption to meet the highest textile standards. Its edge has been reinforced for superior sealing. The stable and reliable chemical and physical properties of this product are the outcomes of its internal structure which is uniquely formed. The ergonomic contour design promotes proper spinal alignment.

Accelerating the development of good memory foam pillows to expand Qihao production chain is our development goal. Get price!

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