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anselm talalay, 82, inventor and official

by:Qihao      2019-08-30
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Anselm Talalay is an inventor and retired vice president of R & D at company B. F.
Goodrich Industrial Products Division in Akron, Ohio.
He died at his home in Cleveland on Thursday. He was 82.
His family said the reason was heart failure. Mr.
Talalai was born in Russia and his family took him to the West after the 1917 revolution, living in Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom.
He received a degree in physics from the Technical University of Berlin and worked in London and came to the United States in 1939.
He joined the Sponge Rubber Products Company in Shelton, Connecticut.
Before becoming vice president of B, he rose to general managerF.
Goodrich in 1966
As an inventor, his early job was mainly to deal with foam.
But he also has patents for synthetic leather, rubber, plastic and compounds used to clean closed water systems.
In World War II, he worked with his father Joseph and brother Leon to develop a new process for the production of latex foam rubber.
Talalays has about 50 patents in the United States and abroad. Mr.
His wife Marjory lived for 50 years.
Three daughters, Nina from Boston, Lauren from Ann Arbor, Michigan.
And Catherine of New York City;
Paul, the brother of Baltimore;
There is also a sister, Dorothy Kalman of New York City.
A version of this obituary;
The biography was printed on page A00025 of the National edition in June 24, 1994 and is titled Anselm Talalay, an 82-year-old inventor and official.
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