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american airlines to stop offering free blankets on domestic flights

by:Qihao      2019-08-28
It\'s cold on the plane?
Bring a sweater or buy a blanket for $8and-
If you are on a flight from an American domestic airline, please bring your pillow.
On May 1, airlines will start charging pillows and blankets for all domestic flights as well as flights to and from Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, the Caribbean and Central America, said US airline spokesman Tim Smith.
For $8, buy a blue wool blanket and an inflatable memory foam neck pillow that the pilot can use during the flight and save for future use.
\"Americans evaluate every aspect of the business to ensure that economic decisions remain cautious and strategic over the long term
Smith said in an email: \"The company\'s long-term success
An email announcing the decision
Passengers on international flights or premium cabins will still be given free blankets for use during the flight.
JetBlue began selling blankets and pillowcases in 2008.
American Airlines began charging for sleep bags last year.
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