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aliens dropship pilot helmet hoodie travel pillow

by:Qihao      2019-08-26
We are sleeping, 5x5.
Great travel pillows.
The only thing they lack is some sort of shield to block the bright lights and noise around them.
You have to worry about radiation in space missions.
Well, if they only offer pause animations in first class then make and bring this bed pillow with hood and eye mask to make sure everything is good and comfortable.
Note: This is the prototype I made one night, beating the heat of New York by crouching down in the workshop.
Not the official issue of the US colonial navy.
Someone makes a hoodie outside. travel pillow.
But they don\'t have this helmet hoodie.
Sorry, can\'t find Star Wars and Halo Master helmet hoodie bed pillow in this galaxy.
You have to do it yourself.
Travel pillows are a bit like your regular sleep pillows, but shaped like a horseshoe.
When you are forced to sit in a car or plane, they should be worn around your neck to keep them in place.
When you snooze in the office chair, it can avoid the pain in your neck. . . wait.
This one is especially soft and has a nice fluffy soft cover.
The lid is removable so there is a sewn fiber filling tube inside.
We will reuse this modular component for our helmet hoodie travel pillow.
You can make a tube of filler or loose filler for this item.
This item is made of elastic fabric but you can use any one.
I recommend anything like a jersey.
After all, it\'s a hoodie.
To add some structure to the details, we need a little hard wire and sheet process foam.
I used 16 gauge wires enough to keep it in shape and can bend and can be included in a piece of clothing.
The sewing machine helps to assemble everything together.
Serger is a great accompaniment in your sewing Tool Library.
Know how to use the machine safely.
Bring your original travel pillowcase to use as a cutting template.
Cut two layers of fabric for front and back.
Based on these foldable laundry baskets, I borrowed the idea of providing internal wireframe support for the opening of the hood.
The 16 th wire seems to be correct for this project.
When you press your face on it, it is bent and soft enough not to hurt.
Make a hoodie part by cutting a piece of fabric large enough to cover your head.
To increase the volume of the hood, I sewed a back plate.
Sew a channel on the front edge of the hood.
The wire is wrapped in a fabric passage on the hood.
Cut length to fit and cycle the cutting end.
You may need to bend the end with the help of a pair of pliers.
Wrap with tape so they don\'t cut or poke. Test fit.
When all the sewing is done, take it out and leave until the end.
When the hood is attached to the horse hoe pillow as a base, we should get some sort of pop-
Tent like Hood.
For those with bouffant do\'s, there is no helmet hair.
Just because I have a visible. . okay, two. . .
The craft foam makes a good padded layer for the project.
The blackout sun visor needs some support, but I don\'t want it to be below.
Take a piece of craft foam and mark out the shape.
Sew two layers of fabric on the shape of the sun visor.
I put some cuts or notches/darts on the top so it would bend around the curve of the face much easier.
Leave a small opening at the top.
Since the foam is flexible, we can squeeze the component out of the opening when we flip it inward.
This gives us some nice finished seams.
When I turned the foam over, the foam did not spread well.
I sewed a circle around the border to finish the edge.
The second one is the sun visor cover.
It extends slightly to the front of the hood and completes the curve at the top.
Embed a piece of foam and sew on the detail line to mimic the sun visor mechanism.
Position and stitch the Hood part.
You can add other details such as helmet wiring, patch covers, and microphone boom.
You can fill them with fiber filling to make them soft in three dimensions.
Once the sunshades assembly is connected to the rest of the hood, you can attach it to the top of the pillowcase.
Mark the center line of the pillowcase so you can position and secure the Hood evenly for sewing.
I didn\'t do that, so that\'s why it came out.
The knitted fabric is elastic and soft, so it is difficult to use.
You can either make a piece of the bottom of the pillowcase, or have it have an overlapping flap opening, or sew a zipper.
If you make it a piece, leave an opening in the stuffing and sew it up.
I made an overlapping flap and may need a button or velcro to make sure it is off.
You have to figure out how to finish the pillowcase as you want to sew a full seam outside.
The hood and sunshades need to be sewn inside so you can turn out the sewn pillowcases.
It\'s a good thing that all of this is flexible.
Now you can feed in the wire in the Hood channel.
Customize some fabric paint or paint marks with your own motto or proverb. Hoohah!
Now you can drive to grandma\'s house for 8 hours.
You can flip the sun visor up or down.
For the past 10 miles, don\'t let someone in another car honk and try to pass by you.
Add a surround sound speaker system to the head of the helmet hoodie travel pillow so you can really relax. Enjoy!
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