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airline passengers accused of hiding cocaine in their travel pillows

by:Qihao      2019-08-25
Federal officials said Thursday that two airline Flyers faced drug distribution costs as customs officials found that they had more than 6 kilograms of cocaine sewn into neck pillows they carried at Newark Liberty International Airport.
According to the authorities, Rafael Francesco Bautista pedomo and 20-year-old Brenda Alisa mansebo were in Santo domingo on Wednesday from the dodomingoga RepublicU. S.
Customs and Border Protection bureau officials found about 3 kilograms of cocaine in two neck pillows, and the two carried the cocaine during the flight.
Police found contraband during routine baggage checks.
Pedro admits he agreed to deliver drugs.
According to the criminal complaint filed in the case, the filling of pillows from the Dominican Republic to Newark in exchange for about $10,000.
Court documents said he claimed he did not know Perdomo and initially told federal agents that she did not know Perdomo, but this statement was apparently found by investigators on her mobile phone.
\"Law enforcement has conducted a legal search for mancebo\'s mobile phone, where law enforcement has found multiple photos of perdomo, which appears to have been taken by perdomo himself,\" Homeland
According to compliance sources, the couple also kept a photo a few days before the arrest. The U. S.
The prosecutor\'s office said Perdomo and Mancebo were ordered to be detained without bail after a hearing at the Newark federal court.
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