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Airline Lounges That Offer Spa Services

by:Qihao      2019-08-28
Taking advantage of the long stopover airport lounge is always an added benefit, especially when you get a quiet lounge, decadent dishes of local flavor, and a relaxing spa treatment equivalent
In fact, health tourism is the fastest growing industry in tourism, according to Dervla Louli Musgrave, founder and editor --in-
The head of the health retreat agency is more retreat.
Healthy travelers will go to places of mental, physical and mental health and may take advantage of the opportunity to improve and relax their bodies, minds and souls.
The airport, as a hub between the places where these healthy travelers travel, has been prompted.
To cater (
And use)
The sports of healthy travelers, the airport lounge has begun to provide spa services to motivate guests to invest in the use of the lounge (
Or purchase premium cabin tickets).
Depending on the local culture, each lounge has a different approach.
Many travelers choose their favorite lounge based on a great experience.
If you are a traveler enjoying spa services, check out some of the prominent list of airport spas.
If you haven\'t tried a Thai massage and don\'t have time to run to Bangkok for a roadside massage
Head to the Royal Orchid Spa in Thailand for free treatment.
Royal first and Royal Silk members are entitled to onehour or half-
An hour of treatment including the headto-
Full body massage with toes, soothing aromatherapy essential oil massage, head and shoulders massage, lymphatic massage or herbal massage.
No matter what disease you have, proper oriental therapy can help you get ready for your next flight.
You can find Thai Royal Orchid Spa Lounge in Hall D of BKK, just opposite Royal First Lounge.
Miami airport is a busy place, and American Express Centurion Mia is no exception.
However, the convenience provided by this American Express Centurion Hotel includes free 15-
Enjoy spa treatments.
Please note that this treatment is based oncome-first-served basis.
To take advantage of this proposal, you will want to get there as soon as possible.
Choose from a flow chair massage, deep tissue chair massage, fusion chair massage, perfectly polished nail care and polishing, or a perfectly decorated skin care and trim.
You will also enjoy heated neck pillows and herbal tea when you receive free treatment.
In Hall D near gate D12 on the fourth floor, look for Mia\'s American Express Centurion Lounge.
By convention, you can expect to enjoy comfort in the British Airways business and first class lounge.
British Airways paired with British brand World Airways
The most relaxing skin care for travelers is the famous spa and skin care brand.
Free care for LHR includes lifting and cleansing facial, eyeliner, back massage, neck and shoulder massage, scalp massage, men\'s shaving, nail polish and eyebrow shaping.
Please note that the British Airways lounge at JFK airport also offers multiple treatments.
If you tend to plan ahead and you travel on a first class ticket, you may
As long as you are within 28 days of your departure, you can book spa treatments.
You can find the elis spa lounge in Terminal 5A South, Terminal 5B departure lounge, Terminal 5 arrival lounge and Terminal 3 departure lounge at LHR.
While this is not strictly a spa service, the cabin at Cathay Pacific \"wing\" first lounge HKG is the perfect place to rest and relax between flights.
First class passengers, as well as select Marco Polo Club members and one world regulars can enjoy a private cabin in the lounge.
Each cabin is equipped with a large bathtub, shower, sofa bed, work space and temperature control at the fingertips.
Take a good bath or take a nap and don\'t be disturbed by others.
You can also use ironing services, pillows and down comforters as per your requirements.
Located on the 7 th floor of Terminal 1 HKG, this lounge is close to Gate 1 to Gate 4.
Emirates provides a range of services for first and business class travelers in the timeless Spaat DXB.
First class guests can enjoy free care, and business travelers only pay a small fee.
Just like the British aviation element spa in LHR, you can book the care of the Eternal Spa before the flight.
Free first class care included
Pressure back massage, leg and foot reflexology treatment, Indian head massage, Thai body stretching and hand massage.
Business travelers can get the same menu for a small fee, or can splurge on buying mini face, manicure, pedicure, blow
Hair and beard.
You can find it in the Emirates first class lounge in Terminal C, gate C23, DBX.
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