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against the travel neck pillow

by:Qihao      2019-08-27
Is there a pillow as useless as U?
Travel neck pillow shape? There is not. This half-ovate, toilet-seat cover-
Esque object as the King of travel accessories, but failed in its intended only use.
This is a scourge, as I will outline this reason in this article, and by the end I will convince you without any doubt.
Last summer, I had the opportunity to fly with such a pillow --
Memory foam in a pleasant chestnut-
It\'s rash to do this, stuff it into my carry-on-
It\'s like this is my passport, or a book that is ignored when watching God willing on little TV.
When trying to sleep, I, like many of my passengers, placed U-
Shape pillow on my shoulder.
When my neck extends an uncomfortable distance from the back of the seat, I leave my head to the left. No good.
My head fell to the right. No good.
I rubbed the pillow a bit, so it was more of a little, weird --
Pillow in normal shape, but damn stuff pops back to U-
There is a hole in the shape according to the design, so this is definitely not good.
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This damn pillow is not good.
It might surprise you to hear someone tell the truth about you.
The memory foam neck pillow of this shape is very obvious because since it was patented in 1929, the pillow has been allowed to exist without restriction.
I understand that it will also give you a moment to adjust yourself.
Did you take it? Okay. The U-
A neck pillow in a nasty shape that is not supported;
A harmful, deceptive, reckless, ubiquitous travel trinket that lures the masses not to sleep, but into a zombie-like uneasiness that they have been trained to blame themselves, Ie.
\"I can\'t sleep on the plane. ” The U-
The shaped travel neck pillow is a useless junk pillow for anyone.
But not everyone agrees.
\"I bought this pillow --
Travel on weekends
Memory foam is the perfect hardness, it\'s so soft and comfortable, \"said Amazon in a review similar to a memory foam neck pillow I failed in my recent flight, a man named Ivan. Okay, Ivan.
A man named Alan said, \"I use this in the car.
I fell asleep easily.
It makes my neck comfortable and doesn\'t wake up because it hurts. ” Okay, Allen.
A man named Cass said: \"I returned it because it had a terrible chemical smell and everything inside was solid.
I want something with small balls. ” Well.
It actually seems to be more of a \"Cass\" issue.
Brad John, co-founder of Flight 001, a popular travel chain store, which Martha Stewart allegedly commented on, \"I love this store and it looks like a plane, \"Tell Me You
Although there is not much innovation in the market, travel pillows in shape sell well.
\"They are basically the same as in the past.
We sell heated, inflatable, foam.
The best-selling product at the moment, he says, is a convertible travel pillow, \"you can make it into a regular pillow or U-neck.
\"Very interesting, at the topselling U-
The shape of the neck pillow is a normal, non-U-
\"Can one of the pillows help others?
Yes, they can.
Will they help everyone? Probably not.
Brad John himself uses regular pillows on the flight.
\"I just don\'t feel comfortable with a neck pillow, but it\'s just personal preference,\" he said.
\"Everyone I spoke to agreed
My friend Megan Reynolds said: \"We have one at home, but the boy cat makes love with it.
\"My friend Lindsay Robertson because she uses U-
The shaped neck pillow on the flight, proved to be a secret U-shaped-neck-
Pillow resistance: \"I never really use it as a neck pillow because I can\'t sleep like this --
\"I\'m not sure who can,\" she told me . \".
Instead, she put the memory foam neck pillow on the tray table in front of her, took off her glasses, put her hand on her knees, and then \"[lets her]
The face fell completely into the pillow, as if [she has]expired.
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(liars)—What about some?
I asked Mary O\'Connor, who is a professor of orthopedics and rehabilitation and is also the director of the Yale muscular skeleton care center.
She said: \"I am not aware of any clinical data that suggest they are effective in reducing neck strain or neck discomfort, however, many of our travelers have experienced the experience of falling asleep in a strange position around their necks, which has bothered us afterwards.
So, I think they might be helpful, but it depends on how they are used and whether they support the neck or not.
The ideal pillow, she says, will keep your head and neck in neutral alignment with your spine so you don\'t go too far forward or backward, or too far to one side or the other.
\"But when you are at the airport, how do you know that the pillow you are going to buy will give you the right support? Asked O\'Connor.
\"The pillows are the same.
Some people have short necks, some have long necks and have no ability to look at them and say, \'I need this design or this size pillow to work well for my neck.
This is part of the challenge.
Can one of the pillows help others?
Yes, they can.
Will they help everyone? Probably not.
\"I am trying to find useless or useful research that points to the terrible United States
in shape, emptyhanded.
However, I did find a use called \"neck --
In the management of chronic neck pain, support pillow and posture exercises \", the study was published in the Journal of rheumatism in 2016 to discuss the positive effects of bed restspecific neck-
Support pillows for people with chronic neck pain.
I spoke to Brian Feldman, co-author of the study, who is a senior scientist and head of the Department of rheumatism and immunity at the Children\'s Hospital in Toronto, and he made sure I understood that his research was not like this, actually, about America
Travel pillows in the shape that people use on planes. I understand.
Anyway, I think he might provide some insight.
\"They just didn\'t do the work they were supposed to do.
He stressed his own view of the United States.
\"I can\'t stand the travel pillows in this shape,\" he said.
I never used it.
They are not built strong enough.
People have developed a variety of new devices in transit to sleep, they are more like a strap that holds your head in place, or a structure like a box, you can sit in front, stick your head in, or the collar around your neck, which gives you more support.
These things may be more than typical U-shaped pillow.
\"It\'s a great thing to keep your neck in a good physiological position while sleeping, he said, but U-
The shaped pillows are because they are not strong enough and high enough to help most people, and they do not turn around their neck correctly.
\"They just didn\'t do the work they were supposed to do,\" Feldman said . \".
In order to work, he thinks they have to look more like the stiff collar you \'ve seen on someone with a recent neck injury, a \"press to the head, keep the chin up and support, so that once you fall asleep, the head will not turn over in any way \".
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7,000 BC, did the men of miso do not use stone pillows?
It doesn\'t seem like we should still use pillows that look like the first pillow
In 7,000 BC, stone pillows have been used by the miso people, but this is just my point of view.
If I can give you a suggestion, it is: take a closer look at your U-
The shape of the bed pillow is worth it on your next flight.
You stuffed it into your carry-on-
Is it useful or habit?
Does it take up valuable storage space because it will help you sleep or because you think you should buy it even if you don\'t meet any personal or scientific evidence there, think the idea is correct?
Are you wrong or agree with me?
Ask yourself these questions and leave U-
Pillow in shape behind(
Unless you are a boy cat, you want to have sex with it. )
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