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by:Qihao      2019-08-26
There seem to be two main problems for travelers starting their trip :--
Throw money, a traveler\'s check, or a passport to the thief. --
Find a clean public bathroom
Although this conclusion is not scientific, it does have a certain basis in fact.
It seems that personal safety and hygiene items are the biggest sellers among Magellan\'s various unusual travel accessories, a new California Mail
Ordering company specializing in tourism goods.
Magellan is one of several direct selling companies.
Hard mail providerto-
Look for special products for travelers.
The world outside the home may be an uncomfortable place and can sometimes be intimidating.
Most travelers, if they are honest, will admit some concern before leaving for the trip.
Will my wallet or wallet be stolen?
Can I drink water?
What if no one can speak English?
Can I plug in the hairdryer?
The socks I washed out at night will be dry enough, can I pack them the next morning?
Most of these concerns can be alleviated with the help of one or more special accessories designed for today\'s travel public.
Many new products that are being sold can be very useful.
Unfortunately, they are not always easy to find.
At department stores, bookstores, and hollies, you may get some travel supplies, but the inventory is likely to shrink. Several U. S. mail-
The order company has taken action to fill this gap by printing regularly updated catalogues that include a wide variety of trips --
Related goods.
All the people say that travelers are eager for something like this and the business is good.
Other companies sell one or two unusual travel accessories they make themselves.
It includes foreign currency calculators, pocket translations and other electronic devices.
Overnight toiletries.
Power adapter and converter. First-aid kits.
Inflatable memory foam neck pillow for long flight.
Hidden pockets and money bands can hide valuables.
Tourist iron, Steamboat, instant tea-makers, shoe-
Bags and similar valet supplies. A non-
Drug treatment for seasickness.
Of several accessories suppliers, Magellan offers 31-
A page directory of dozens of items is listed, each with photos and a brief description.
The most popular item in the company is Le Funelle (the funnel)
This is a product designed for women and is the answer to the unsanitary toilets around the world.
A box of 10 individually packed pockets-
Each size pack with a funnel is priced at $4. 99.
The second of Magellan.
The biggest seller is the \"hidden pocket\", which is a small nylon pocket with a zipper.
You pass your belt through the ring on the bag and then tuck the bag into your pants, casual pants, or skirt.
It costs $7. 95.
Maybe the least.
The charming product is a common rubber sink stopper.
This is a project that you would expect from the hotel but not all of them are available.
All sinks are sold for $1. 85.
Free catalog: Magellan, box 5485-
P in Santa Barbara, California93150-
5485, or call the tollfree (800)962-4943.
Before you left, another new company launched its first 25-
Page directory last June.
The company offers a wide range of items, but its biggest seller is an inflatable memory foam neck pillow designed to support your head and neck during a long flight or train trip.
People who travel a lot swear that such pillows will make a difference between an unbearable night and an uncomfortable night.
Directory: Department before you goM, P. O.
Box 931796-90093 Hollywood1796, (213)624-1199.
The list of travelers who have been in the travel accessories business since 1969 provides a limited catalogue (
A brochure)
About 40 people have tried it. and-
Real travel project.
Including a luggage bag ($22), mini-travel iron ($26. 95), money belt ($10)
Dental Emergency Kit ($21. 95)
And \"deluxe\" laundry suite ($8. 50).
All the photos and include a short description.
The product just added to the catalog refers to the band, a wristband designed to apply the principles of acupuncture to prevent movementor seasickness.
The strap is worn like a watch, with a small button that is tightened on one of the acupuncture points on the wrist.
There are no drowsiness and side effects because there is no medication.
Mike Silverman of the traveler\'s list says AcuBand is valid for 85% of the time.
One of the two bands is $14. 95.
The catalogue is available for 50 cents from the list of travellers on Cornwall Bridge Road Conon. 06069, (203)364-0144.
A new boss re-enabled the travel mini package, a small mail-
Professional order Company (
But not limited)
Personal grooming-
Small size auxiliary products easy to pack.
A big seller is the \"mini pack\" filled with this product \"---
This is different for men, women, boys, girls and babies.
For example, if you send a son to the camp, the boy\'s mini bag contains talc, shampoo, soap, travel toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, cotton swab, wash-
Ups, bandage bag, mousse, hair brush and comb.
It costs $12. 95. The 10-
The page directory lists dozens of items, many of which are photographed.
Catalogue: travel mini package, P. O.
Box 571, Stone PointY. 10980, (914)429-8281.
Travel Science developed a range of shirt pockets-
The size of foreign language aids.
Their goal is for travelers who want to be able to speak a few words in another language, but do not want to deal with the full set of languages
A mature phrase book.
The leading project is the world language pocket Pac.
It contains seven language phrase cards of 30 to 35 words in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese Mandarin and Japanese.
In addition, the other three cards contain six basic phrases (
\"Hello\" \"thank you\" and so on)
Other languages including Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia and Serbia-Croatian.
In a plastic bag, the package sells for $4.
Catalogue: Charleston N. 812 tourism scienceE.
Suite 6, Albuquerque, N. M. 87110, (505)265-9619.
Travel health, a newsletter on Travel Medicine, recently focused on several AIDS prevention kits for Safeco America.
In general, they are sold to companies and government agencies for distribution to employees, but three of them can be purchased directly from the company.
These kits provide basic medical supplies for diseases or injuries in some part of the world where medical standards are suspected.
Used needles without disinfection can spread AIDS.
Wallet Bag ($16)
Contains two syringes and needles, adhesives and preservatives.
The $35 prevention bag and the $117 travel bag contain more of these items and some other supplies.
For information: 34300 laeco America, Lakeland Avenue.
Eastlake, Ohio, charges 44095free (800)551-1800.
International Association.
Part of the work of the nonprofit traveller medical assistance is to alert travelers to the dangers of malaria in Africa, Asia and South America.
For the project, the group has developed a portable, free
Private mosquito net in the hotel room.
This device is called La Mosquette. -
Frame and net--
Weight 5 pounds, put in the suitcase when disassembled.
It was sold for $75 plus $8 for processing in the USS. shipment.
Message: IAMAT, 417 Centre Street, Lewiston, N. Y. 14092, (716)754-4883.
There are two hands on the market this month.
E-translation developed by selectrooper in collaboration with Berlitz phrase books and dictionaries. The devices--
Slightly bigger than credit card-
There is a keyboard in which you can type the phrase you want to translate.
The phrase appears in a Mini. screen.
Berlitz translation is a five
Language Translation--
English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.
Each language contains 12,500 words and 300 phrases for $99. 95.
Berlitz EuroTraveler translated 1,100 phrases in 10 languages-
Five of the translations are added to Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish and Portuguese.
The price is $149. 95.
For information on where a translation can be found, please contact to select an electronic fee-free at (800)828-6293.
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