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a roving mattress showroom

by:Qihao      2019-08-31
The Vono Blue truck brings you a mattress shopping experience through its mobile showroom in different locations in the Basheng Valley.
It will showcase Vono\'s recently launched ErgoBed Blue series back care mattress. Co-
The latest three mattresses are designed by Malaysian ambassador Maya Karin and international entertainer Vono for urban professionals who enjoy a wide range of mattresses
Functional products.
Hilding Anders Malaysia Sdn Bhd general manager Michael Teoh said at the press conference that the new series was developed by ergonomics and recognized by AEH, the Swiss Institute of Ergonomics.
\"Like all of our Vono mattresses, the series features our proprietary back care protection function, while combining the latest research and development, planning seven areas to provide the ideal support for the body.
\"These mattresses are also made with the Intalok Springing system of Vono, which provides twice the number of high quality latex foam than the number of springs,\" Teoh said . \".
Even without sheets, the pleasing design itself looks great, he added.
All three models are equipped with disinfection devices.
Processed fabrics, built on non-
Harmful biokiller zinc pyri sulfur, formulated to prevent the breeding of mites and allergens.
The Ergo accent II is firm with a thickness of 12.
11-5 inch
Inch ErgoBed comfortable space nuclear power source with medium hardness with luxurious quilting top.
Meanwhile, 12-
Inch wheat corner comfort 2 has the same level of comfort as wheat corner comfort 1, with an extra lush euro top, providing an extra filler layer for sleep fun.
At a press conference held by Tesco Mutiara Damansara, the participants first saw the Vono Blue truck launched at the same time as the new ErgoBed Blue Series.
Visitors are very welcome to touch and feel the mattress on the Vono blue truck during the three-period
Tour the Moon Road at selected Aeon, Tesco and large supermarkets.
In addition, customers can purchase Vono mattresses from the mobile showroom and look forward to special gifts.
\"It\'s not just mattresses that we bring to consumers, but also an aesthetic back care system.
\"We are very happy to work with Maya.
Design this series with us.
\"With her great talent for fashion and design, she did an excellent job in the overall look and feel of the new product,\" Teoh said, adding that, maya has been ambassador to Malaysia for six years.
The ErgoBed Blue Series is available in single, super single, large and King sizes and retail ranges from RM1, 199 to RM2, 799.
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