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A Mattress is a Mattress, or is It?

by:Qihao      2020-11-09
People make excuses about not being able to get a good night's sleep, stress from work, a nagging headache, painful muscles but are they focusing on the problem or just trying to live with it? The type of mattress that you are sleeping on could be the source of your ailments and not just a place to rest your body. Millions of people suffer from not getting enough sleep, the right kind of sleep or waking throughout the night with no identifiable reason. Most of the general public attributes a poor night's sleep to the reasons listed above and never question the type of mattress that they are using. But several studies have indicated that the position that you hold for six to eight hours a night on a mattress that does not hold a good posture can cause havoc to several different muscles. If you decide to look at new mattresses in an attempt to restore a once restful sleep, you will be amazed at some of the prices that are required. Some mattresses that guarantee the perfect night's sleep can run in excess of $1000! That is enough to give you a stressed sleep for a very long time. Don't settle for a mattress that will put you in the poor house by listening to a salesperson's speech about why you will never rest until you purchase because there is a better way. Zleeps is a company in the UK that offers the same memory foam option as high scale retailers that lessens the stress on pressure points in your body. The small double mattress by Zleeps will give you the support and comfort that you never knew existed and at a very reasonable price. In fact, specials can be found at their website where you can actually buy two small double mattresses for the price of one! The 4-foot double mattress is just right for caressing your body and alleviating the tense muscles of the day by using high quality, high-density reflex foam as the base instead of a standard spring mattress that does little to support your body. Different designs are available for your particular needs including one model that adds a thin layer of latex foam to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. If you are sold on pillow top mattresses, these are here too! Imagine no more tossing and turning during the night but resting comfortably in one ideal spot while your muscles and joints are soothed. When you eliminate the activity of trying to find that one restful spot, you don't need a huge queen or king sized bed. The 4-foot double mattress will take up less space and the price will enable you to spend more on the things that you need. Visit the number one online memory foam mattress supplier today and find the best British made memory foam mattress available at low, low prices. Your body will feel more rejuvenated and your wallet will thank you.
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