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9 awesome travel gadgets that sought funding on kickstarter

by:Qihao      2019-08-28
Packaging, unpacking, security checks, and flight delays can cause trouble for travel.
This year, some gadgets designed to make your trip easier are released on Kickstarter.
From portable Wi-
On a pillow designed for an upright seat, take a look at these 9 travel gadgets that were seeking funding from the crowd in 2016.
The creator of the NOMATIC travel bag thinks it is one of the most practical travel bags ever.
This bag comes with pockets of books, equipment, water bottles, shoes and valuables, made of durable materials that make your trip easy and enjoyable. The carry-on-
The size pack also features other useful features such as underwear compartments and wire management systems.
With the support of 9,067 supporters, the package raised more than $1.
This year 7 million
No longer have to worry about finding an uncrowded power outlet at the airport, or about not being able to charge your laptop while flying.
MOGICS claims to be the first portable power outlet in the world that is small enough to fit in a pocket.
MOGICS is a power cord and travel adapter in two sizes: donuts and bagels.
Between January and February, the movement had nearly 10,000 supporters and received more than $400,000 in funding.
Whether you have a middle seat on the plane or are stuck in the back seat of a minivan for an hour --
Driving for a long time, nodding your head to travel pillows can help you fall asleep in an upright position.
The ultimate sleep travel solution is designed to prevent your head from falling when you lie comfortably on your memory foam pillow.
The headrest was launched in July and received more than $300,000 from 7,280 supporters.
Launched in the summer of 2016, Marlon seems to be the perfect carry-on tool
Any traveler can.
Under 7 pounds, this bag has 35% more space than you carry on average.
According to its Kickstarter page, the USB charging port and additional compartments can accommodate items such as tablets and laptops in the bag.
More than 1,500 people supported the project and raised more than $300,000.
Travel in the summer is not necessarily disgusting.
The best hot pants have been built-
Secret pockets in ventilation, valuables and some adjustable features.
According to its Kickstarter page, lightweight fabric keeps the wearer cool and comfortable and absorbs moisture.
The campaign began in the summer, raising $270,000 from more than 1,700 supporters.
It is always important to take additional safety precautions.
VAULTCARD is a pocket-
Size shield cards designed to protect RFID credit or debit cards and passports from any potential hacking.
The campaign received about $162,832 from 3,483 supporters.
Say goodbye to weak gas stations or airport coffee.
Volta promises that you can brew your favorite beer anywhere.
The portable coffee machine can hold 3 pounds coffee beans for up to three weeks. Finding Wi-
Fi can be a frequent problem when traveling-
Especially International.
The creator of GeeFi said that it was launched in September to provide unlimited 4g Wi-Fi. The pocket-
The size of the device is automatically connected to the strongest and fastest signal tower near you without any roaming charges, SIM cards or data restrictions.
So far, the campaign has raised $125,000 from 779 supporters.
Travel is exhausting, to be honest ---
Will make you a little stinky.
You don\'t have a chance to take a bath on a regular trek.
According to its Kickstarter page, epic wipes are \"suitable for the shower in your pocket \". The towel-
For those times when you can\'t take a shower, we make wet wipes of the right size.
Designed by the United StatesS.
Army doctor, disposable wipes do not contain harmful chemicals.
Launched in May 2016, Epic Wipes raised $35,262 with 817 supporters, surpassing its financing target.
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