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8 travel gifts the graduate in your life will love

by:Qihao      2019-08-27
Graduation symbolizes a new beginning and usually takes time to explore, relax, or find inspiration.
No matter what kind of traveler your favorite graduate is, here are eight gifts to inspire them to take out their suitcases and travel far away.
What\'s better is that every product raises global awareness and gives back to the community, so you can rest assured that you support healthy tourism.
Atlas Coffee Club sublet, mission is to share the world of coffee, Atlas Coffee Club plan and purchase sustainable coffee from countries such as Papua New Guinea, Burundi, Peru and Rwanda, zig-
Cross the equator.
As a coffee guide, their monthly subscription invites coffee lovers to turn their daily lives into daily adventures and explore coffee and culture from all over the world.
In addition to fresh baking sheets
Each shipment also includes postcards, National Information and coffee bags designed by local textiles.
Ames and Oates gift boxes are a modern gift company whose mission is to make gifts from good, sustainable sources simple and easy, and Ames and Oates plan beautifully for each occasion
A heartfelt gift for your graduates, including travel logs, champagne cocktail travel kits, masts dark chocolate made in New York, directly from places like Majima, gold passports in Tanzania, Peru and Venezuela.
Each gift comes with handwritten personal information and 10% of all proceeds are donated to global donations.
Every yogic knows that traveling with a yoga mat is both awkward and troublesome.
A pair of smart travelers create a solution by designing yoga gear for travelers.
In the iconic design of Go, Asana pillows can be used as neck pillows for travel and yoga mats for destinations.
Soft, lightweight and washable, it is easily stuck in any bag.
Their \"buy one get one free\" model also provides donations to FLYTE, an organization that takes young people abroad for cross-gender communication
Cultural immersion.
The mission of the well-known clothing brand \"well-known supply\" is to connect consumers with garment manufacturers.
By empowering artisans economically in Peru and Uganda, the company is working to get people out of poverty, one piece of clothing at a time --
Perfect reason to wear their light Marina gown on every beach holiday.
The hardest thing to pack on Rothy\'s ballet flats trip is shoes.
Travelers are forced to make important choices, such as comfort and style, during the day and night, and they usually wear too many shoes on the road. Enter Rothy’s. The must-
Travel shoes that are super stylish, lightweight, machine-washable and fit like gloves.
More importantly, they are made from recycled water bottles and have a planetFriendly carbon
Free rubber sole for recycling.
Solar inflatable lights and mobile phone chargers for LuminAid solar LanternLuminAID alifesaver are available in case of emergency.
The Folding Lantern is charged by solar energy in the 14 hour sun, or by USB in a few hours.
When exploring, easily tie it to your backpack to charge and use it to illuminate the camp or to provide a backup power supply for your mobile device.
The company provides a light bag sponsor for families affected by natural disasters.
Hydro Flask CoolerThink goes beyond the water bottle and gift Flask\'s new Unbound series of soft cooler packs that carry comfort and can hold up to 24 cans and refrigerate the contents for 48 hours.
Procurement supports the company\'s charitable donation project park to support the development, maintenance and accessibility of public green spaces across the country.
Cabeau Travel pillowcase with patent
The cabeauevoltion S3 bed pillow is coming soon and it may change the rules of the game for long flights.
The pillow prevents the traveler\'s head from falling forward by connecting to the aircraft seat wing.
To show how much the company cares about the local community, they created Cabeau cares, an initiative that allows employees to donate time and energy on a regular basis to help people in need.
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