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8 Simple Things You Can Do To Help Relieve Chronic

by:Qihao      2020-11-10
Sleep On A Plywood Bed. Don't worry, I don't mean a plywood mattress but placing a piece of plywood between the box spring and your mattress will keep your bed from sagging in the middle and provide better support for your back. Back On A Waterbed. You may have had a waterbed when you were younger. You remember the type where every movement was like surfing in your own bed and you could almost feel the pull of the moon on the waves. Todays waterbeds are much nicer, with adjustable, anti-wave chambers and because of the way the bed disperses your body weight can allow for a more restful night of sleep without applying stressful pressure on your back. Avoid Sleeping On Your Stomach. The position that is best for chronic back ache sufferers is on your back with a pillow underneath your knees. Make sure and use a good pillow that also slightly lifts your neck and head. Curl On Up. Babies have it all figured out. The fetal position is a wonderful way to get a good nights sleep. To keep your lower body from twisting and placing stress on your spine while in this position, place a pillow between your legs at the knee level. An Ibuprofen A Day Keeps The Inflammation Away. When back pain strikes it is normal to also experience inflammation which can cause further pain. Taking an anti-inflammation medication can help reduce the inflammation and some of the pain. Take An Herbal Supplement. There are natural anti-inflammatory herbs on the market if you prefer to avoid over the counter medications. White Willow Bark is one such natural anti-inflammatory herb and can be found online or in your local health food store. The active ingredient in White Willow Bark is the same active ingredient that is found in aspirin. If you have trouble with heartburn or ulcers, you should avoid White Willow Bark and look for an alternative. Gravity Inversion Works. Known as inversion traction, you use a device which will allow you to invert yourself for as little as five or ten minutes a day and can work miracles towards relieving back pain, particularly the lower back. If you are under a doctors care it is recommended you consult with them first before undertaking inversion traction therapy, especially if you have problems with your spinal discs. If you have been diagnosed with or are a candidate for glaucoma, do not use inversion traction therapy at all. Be A Karate Kid. If you are able, join a Tai Chi class. This martial art is a combination of breathing techniques and slow movement that stretches and works your back muscles very effectively. You won't be required to travel overseas and compete in any big tournaments, you can start out as slow as your back allows and gradually build your stamina. It is centered around relaxation and muscle control and can help lead to a better overall quality of life besides being good for your back.
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