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5 cheap(ish) things you need in your bedroom

by:Qihao      2019-09-03
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Tell me if this part of my bedtime sounds the same as yours.
Just as I noticed that I was asleep, I pushed myself to wake up and set five to ten alarms on my phone in five minutes.
Minute intervals;
I make sure the volume on my phone is up all the time; I double-
Check that I just changed the ringing volume, not the regular volume; I double-
Even if I set the alarm 90 seconds ago, check if my alarm has been set;
Some nights I would wake up after falling asleep in panic thinking I didn\'t set any alarms and go through the whole process again. (
Not to mention the fear of thinking, what if my mobile phone ran out of power overnight and the alarm didn\'t ring? )Sound familiar? (
No, really, tweet me if it\'s you so I know I\'m not just crazy. )
This is not the way of life!
If there are some solutions to this problem, some devices can take everything away later --
Oh dear reader, there is an alarm clock! Who knew.
If you want to pick up one to end all unnecessary checks and re-checks (
Or you are just ready to upgrade)
The best alarm clock for most people is just $11 RCA RCD30.
Alarm anxiety for so long.
In cooperation with Wirecutter, a New York Times company that reviews and recommends products, there are four other cheap products (ish)
What you need in your bedroom.
We spend almost every night on the sheets, so this is one of the shopping that really affects our daily lives.
But there are so many different options and so many ways to buy;
Where does a person start?
Wirecutter has solved the problem: whether you like cotton or cotton, velvet or linen
Or if you just want something cheap
Here are the various types of tables recommended by Wirecutter for most people.
Personally, I like good flannel sheets.
ComforterWirecutter took an incredible amount of time to test the product to make sure they chose the best option, but it was out of scope: it took the team 180 hours to study more than 100 to test dozens through the process. That’s crazy!
After all this, their choice for most people is the company store euro duvet Alberta.
Not completely cheap (ish)—
At the time of publication, it costs about $260.
But Wirecutter found that it was as good as an expensive model.
PillowsIt is my personal belief that there is no ceiling on how many pillows a person should have on his bed. (
However, it is clear that it is not possible for any less than three. )
Prepare some great ones for your bed, such as Xtreme comfort memory foam pillow or under parachute pillow, which wireter chooses for standard pillow and soft pillow.
A robe. who doesn\'t like a good robe?
Reward yourself with any variety recommended by Wirecutter, including post-selection
Spa, shower
Super stylish robe
Soft robes and more.
If you know where to look and how to use your local community to save money, you can save a lot of money with the help of your neighbors.
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