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5 absurd as seen on tv products (that are secretly useful)

by:Qihao      2019-08-26
Every once in a while you come across a product that is so stupid that you immediately label it as a joke or shameless cash grab.
Most of the time, you are absolutely right.
However, sometimes in all of these \"can you believe all of these stupid products?
\"The list that is flooded on the Internet is actually very useful.
All you need to do is know how to use it.
It seems impossible to belong anywhere else.
You can pee in the golf club.
Golf club toilet!
What happens when you swing it?
Check out the sequel that Adam Sandler may be working on, about this exact thing!
This is the case.
It never claimed it was one.
This is a portable bathroom designed to love golf clubs.
Nowadays, golf is a sport of all ages and classes.
Maybe you\'re in your 70 s. year-
The bladder control problem is far beyond the requirements of the 18-year-old player.
Hole game, tired of having your housekeeper send you to the club every time your slow failing body decides to turn on the tap.
Maybe you and your friend opened a hole or two before the game, secretly drank a few beers, but realized an obvious problem, that is, the combination of the whole bladder and the wide bladder --
There are open spaces around the fourth hole.
Maybe you just forgot to go to the bathroom before the race because a man can\'t be expected to remember, can you?
There is also a humble portable toilet in these scenes, disguised as the last thing people expect, and suddenly it doesn\'t look like a bad thing, does it? No. No, it doesn\'t.
Really, if there is a problem with the knee of this product
\"Haha, what is that?
\"In fact, it\'s not designed with women in mind.
Fortunately, there is a solution. . .
WomenOK\'s 4 urinating devices, listen, I guarantee that every entry on this list will not be about urinating.
Select a list of \"stupid women products\" on the internet and most likely there is an entry that shows a position
Urinating device. The go-
Laughing stock is often, this is one. . .
Pink funnel, hope you can pass it if you are sober and stable enough.
The whole \"man can pee standing, woman can\'t!
\"Things are one of the most common clichés in the whole, tired\" from Mars/\"shtick\" from Venus \".
A product designed to address this difference is such a joke that it seems a bit incredible.
So I was curious and started asking female friends and colleagues.
What the workers think of it, by the way, is a way of not paying much attention --list-
I now realize it sounds like this.
It turns out that this is not so much an absurd concept (
Apart from the guys, I suspect they wrote about 99% of the list to laugh at it in the first place).
In fact, women who talked to me about it were able to chatter about the real potential use of the product.
Camping, travel, music festival, dirty Airport/bar/break-stop toilets . . .
Except for your home and the happiest place
Maintaining a public restroom can be a potential horror show when your only option is to sit down. I am told --
Ladies, please feel free to share your own views/stories in the comments, because if I have to listen to these, I can\'t see why others should not do so ---
For women, a certain type of public toilet is often dirtier than a male toilet.
Obviously, many women have taken the way of squatting or even standing directly on the toilet seat in order to avoid the horror of being exposed to it, thus further disrupting the place, for good luck.
Obviously, this is not a fact of urinating.
It is not necessary for the lady to stand upright.
However, it\'s not just slapping women with a glorious, shaped, fuzzy funnel.
My columnist colleague was kind enough to give her opinion on the issue, and according to her, the concept is concise, but Go Girl itself is not the biggest feat in engineering.
However, this thing looks like there is a necessity for this product, nailed to T: Look, unlike Go Girl, the shape of the funnel may make you not have to take off your pants.
There is even an extension when the ladies pretend to have a bigger penis (
Or aim their urine further away).
Please also pay attention to how the package includes pockets-
Size toilet to turn liquid into gel.
Taste the fact that this damn thing is not even pink unless you order this color specifically.
Female friend, is a serious product that meets all your pee needs.
You can call it. . . the . Wait, really? f*****g SHEWEE?
Damn it, you really didn\'t help yourself here. help-women-pee-
Upright industry.
Sleep upright?
This is not a urine problem!
Remember how trustworthy I am today the next time I ask your credit card details.
It is undeniable that this seems to be part of a very stupid thing.
It looks like jigsaw puzzle killer will meet in the final exam at balloon animal School, and it looks like this is the first time you buy the body the next time you find it around the city.
It doesn\'t look like something you will use seriously.
I have to travel a lot because. REDACTED]
You know what my number is.
What is an enemy of planes, trains and cars? That\'s right, .
However, this is a very important thing other than him: the bed pillow is a generally accepted way to fall asleep in the way you like the traffic (
Unless you drive, in this case).
They are also the worst. Inflatable U-
The pillows have a very narrow comfort area that is almost impossible to estimate when you inflate them.
You usually get an uncomfortable rock.
In addition to the gift of pain and unnatural angles, bring a solid gift of anything to your neck.
If you try to deflate something a little-
In most of the models I \'ve tried, it makes a different sound than a loud fart ---
You usually go too far and end up with the clearest and least fashionable neck warmers in the world.
The memory bubble is a little bit better, but these things heat up like Chris Evans in his more misleading superhero character, and you wake up a lot, sweat from the neck flows all the way from Hell\'s utensils to the cracks in your ass.
On the other hand, the UpRight Sleeper just makes you look up.
Of course, it looks like a torture device, but let\'s face it: no one will tell you what you look like during a long trip, which will first prompt you to pack your sleep device, especially you.
I have six now.
2 Kush Support Breast atori has previously written about Kush Support Breast Separator in a column, and my treatment for this topic is. . .
Well, it\'s pretty much on tin cans.
The reason I laugh at it is as meaningful as it is now, and the dark side --
The promotional picture of the infected product does not make it look healthier: it is a gentle masculine garbage that you attach between your breasts. . . ? Jesus.
Looking at the comments on that boob column, you\'ll see quite a few people coming up with the same, very fair point: \"booby, mo\" issue.
When you have big enough breasts-
Say you\'re in care, or have a large implant, or happen to be at the top --
The heavy side of the equation, you keep carrying two tight-
Chest knitted slate
If you are a side sleeper, one will crush the other.
Apparently, people are tied together with arms, pillows, or
This problem has been dealt.
People in Kush have just recognized the needs of consumers and launched a product to deal with them.
I was told there\'s another reason for the big company. breasted side-
The product does not have an exact advertisement for the sleeper using Kush: sweat.
Imagine a hot, sweaty summer night on the back of sweaty.
Now, imagine that you have a huge pair of breasts that hold onto the sheets and keep sweating from one another.
No, wait. I don\'t mean that.
Give me that image back and you\'re twisting it. Perv.
Aaaaand is actually handy for the Kush separator: Not only does it support your cleavage, but it can also be dried.
Of course, it may be a bit fancy, and because of its inherent absurdity, it is very bad at expressing its views to the public
It looks natural, but it doesn\'t make it useless.
This is just one of the consumer needs that people outside the target group will not even appear.
Tiddy BearOh, s ** t, son--
This is fucking! It\'s a . . .
The teddy bear you tied to your seat belt has a little joke in your name.
This is actually another product of ours, really, can you blame us?
Look at the f * g monster passed on for the ad for this thing: \"Oh, the pain and extreme discomfort of using the seat belt!
In fact, our world will be in trouble unless we tie the clip immediately.
Put the teddy bear on that thing and plug it into our cleavage.
\"Putting aside cheesy commercial advertising, this is the wham series on the same cheesy Web page that the product recognizes: it turns out, the thing about comfort and stress is more than just \"LOL wacky titty teddy\", although the product itself seems proud to be able to go all the way and the reputation is ruined.
Seat belt comfort is actually a very important thing because almost all seat belts are designed for ordinary passengerssized 40-year-old dude.
If you want to know how they interact with anyone different from these measurements, they end up being placed on a neck brace after a collision.
Research has shown that for smaller wearers, the power required to maintain the position of regular joe may make the belt uncomfortable at the best time and very dangerous at the worst.
If you combine it with a nasty chest and a belly belt, don\'t you know? -
All of a sudden, a pillow that looks stupid, also provides some extra padding between you and life --
Save but almost certainly wrong
The rope sleeve of size, edge no longer seems to be a bad idea.
To be fair, though, the name \"Tiddy Bear\" is still hateful.
need huge investment, so it is important to shop with caution.
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