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by:Qihao      2019-09-01
A new FDNY report reveals new reasons for what happened last year in Harlem\'s film \"arson.
City firefighter Michael Davidson died while fighting the fire.
It is reported that Davidson died after inhaling a large amount of harmful gas in the building on 773 Street.
Nicholas Avenue
The film was made from highly flammable materials that produce toxic smoke, the report said.
Fake plywood wall covered with polyurethane foam.
The whole chaotic space is causing trouble for firefighters.
All of this is the cause of Davis\'s death.
\"It\'s not surprising to me.
I know there\'s always a bunch of wires and stuff coming through here, and I know the building is really old and doesn\'t seem to have much preparation, all of a sudden there\'s a movie in the building, \"said a Harlem resident.
In addition to flammable items, the report also found fire hidden from the walls of the movie set.
The automatic sprinkler system is not turned off.
The chaos also caused confusion at the source of the fire.
Davidson, 37, 15
Senior staff of City Fire Department.
He was assigned to Engine 69.
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