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13 Pillows That Help People With Fibromyalgia Sleep Better

by:Qihao      2019-08-24
If you have fibromyalgia, having a good rest at night may not be the easiest goal to achieve, especially if you don\'t have the best pillows.
Pillows can give you the comfort you need so that you don\'t have to worry about excessive restless nights, because you don\'t sleep in the best position, so wake up with a headache or feel too painful.
When it comes to sleeping, your pillow may be different.
Fibromyalgia is a complex chronic disease that is best described as \"fighting-or-
Chronic diseases of flight or high vigilance.
Your brain\'s handling of pain is different and can lead to common fibromyalgia symptoms such as extensive pain, fatigue, and brain fog.
No matter how many hours you sleep, all of these symptoms lead to a restless night.
That\'s why the right pillow is very important if you have fibromyalgia.
We asked Mighty what pillows they recommend in the fibromyalgia community.
All of these pillows have been tried and tested by patients with fibromyalgia, giving you some good options to improve your sleep.
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Mypillow related: 12 \"beneficial\" suggestions people with fibromyalgia are tired of hearing that mypillow will adjust to any sleeping position you are in.
This is good news if you have fibromyalgia, as you may sleep in multiple locations throughout the night to stay comfortable.
\"I got a MyPillow and it was the best thing I did for sleep,\" Stephanie Goodman said . \".
\"I often go to bed because of neck pain and the only pillow I found helpful was MyPillow.
You can form it no matter what you need, and it will remain active in this way.
I even took it with me when I went to the hotel!
\"I have a MyPillow, which is my favorite pillow,\" said Kiera blaze Becker . \".
\"I have fibromyalgia and I have never slept better than I am now.
\"I used MyPillow --
Linda nimz said: \"Solid body pillowLitvin.
\"I am a side sleeper.
Before I turn to MyPillow, I often have pain in my neckworth it 100%.
\"Related: how to use mobile AIDS changed my opinion to buy MyPillow standard/Queen\'s classic media support as shown above for $79. 95 from Amazon. 2.
You may not want a pillow that is too strong if you have fibromyalgia, but you may also not want a pillow that is completely flat and lifeless.
Dunlopillo latex pillow provides you with a balance of comfort and support and is a great choice for side sleepers.
\"I love my Dunlopillo latex pillow, medium feel, high profile,\" said Sasha Jones . \".
\"This is a perfect pillow.
It is high enough to support the neck and relieve the pain, but not so high that the pain.
The high cushion on the neck is gently supported.
This is latex, so it will not move inside and keep it uniform and comfortable.
The medium feeling means it\'s soft on the sore neck, but you won\'t get any support.
It\'s not too hard either, so it hurts like a pillow.
Perfect balance.
I found a lot of support pillows are weird textures or materials that feel like a wellmade pillow.
No more brands.
Buy dunlopillo premium medium feel luxury latex pillows for $169.
From Dunlop 95. 3.
Comfortable Moonlight sleep
U body pillowcase sometimes when you have fibromyalgia, you wake up with a headache or get hurt because of where you sleep.
This moonlight pillow aligns your body while sleeping, making sure you don\'t regret it when you wake up. “The Comfort-
\"Your pillow saved my sanity,\" Valerie Galindo said . \".
\"I bought the flannel box for winter, but the box it came with is good for the warm months.
I bought mine on Amazon but may be available elsewhere.
It\'s very long, but I like that I can lift my entire side from the foot to the shoulder.
\"Buy a comfortable sleep-
Full-body support pillow for $99. 95 from Amazon. 4.
Chronic neck pain is a common symptom of fibromyalgia.
The water technique used in the Mediflow pillow recommended by Dianna Brown can help reduce neck pain so that you will feel better when you wake up, not worse.
Buy this Mediflow water base pillow for $49. 99 from Amazon. 5. U-
U-shaped pregnant pitova
The shape of the pregnancy pillow is different from the ordinary U-shapedshaped pillow.
It bends and gives you some extra pelvic support in case your back pain goes down your body into your legs.
It provides extra reinforcement for a more comfortable sleeping position. “U-
Kara Pearce suggested: \"The shape of the\" pregnant \"pillow.
\"It changed my life! From Amazon (
I\'m definitely somewhere else)
The price is not too expensive either, you can order cute covers of all colors (
Although I suggest if you can ask someone to change it for you, you will be in pain).
Before that, I had a V-
But U-shaped pillow
The way to go is to shape the whole body pillow. ”“The U-
Shaped pregnancy pillow!
Recommended by Alexander Patty.
\"You can put it in a lot of different locations, which means supporting all the pain in different locations and types.
I used to have to surround myself with pillows when I was sleeping, but now I just need a thin pillow.
Buy U-shaped whole body maternity pillow
Shaped by Blue Stone for $29. 99 from Amazon. 6.
Boby pregnancy pillows provide support on one side of your body.
It is clearly outlined to some extent, so it will support your hips and neck to the maximum extent.
These are the places you need to strengthen if you have fibromyalgia, which is a great pillow choice for you.
\"I love my whole body pillow and a normal old body pillow!
Says Christine Rosa.
\"There is one under my feet and one next to it.
They were all great and helped me to sleep better.
\"Buy the pregnancy pillow in the picture above for $49. 74 from Amazon. 7.
The memory foam pillow supports your shoulders and neck with a memory foam pillow infused with GelThis, while keeping you cool.
Since fibromyalgia can cause sleep difficulties, any cooling technique that supports active sleep is beneficial.
\"Clearer image cooling memory foam pillow\" recommended by Emilie Welker \".
\"It is the right support, comfortable and helps to adjust my temperature (
Hard for me).
It\'s also great when I feel a migraine --
Especially on those overheated days, the cooling gel does make a difference.
Buy memory foam pillows full of gel for $79.
99 from clearer images. 8. Firm-
It has always been known that feather filling pillows are light and comfortable.
However, if you have fibromyalgia, you may be excited for comfort, but worry about the level of support.
Recommended by Jessica style Gagnon, the company
The stuffed pillow gives you the comfort of a regular feather pillow and the support of a sturdy pillow, giving you the best experience of both worlds.
Acquisition of kornvallmo
Stuffed feather pillow for $79. 99 from IKEA. 9.
Serta iComfort sleep system independent pain is a common symptom of fibromyalgia.
When your neck is sensitive, pillows like Serta Freestyle are specifically cut for neck support and can provide you with a lot of comfort throughout the evening. “Serta I-
\"Comfortable freestyle pillows with gaps in the neck,\" Marcy Wysocki suggested . \".
\"I have been sleeping for several years since I used this pillow.
I ordered it back. up one! Just in case!
It\'s a bit expensive, but it\'s worth it.
Buy the above comerta iComfort sleep system freestyle for $90. 20 from Sears. 10.
Pet pillow pet is a plush animal that can be turned into a pillow, as suggested by Lex Frankenstein.
They are great if you have fibromyalgia as they fit any shape you needfolded or flat.
If you need an extra pillow at night to put under your shoulders, neck, or whatever else you may be in pain, this is a great choice.
Besides, they are very cute.
Buy panda Pillow Pets in the picture above for $19. 99 from Amazon. 11. L-and V-
Shoulder pain is a common symptom if you have fibromyalgia. An L-or V-
The shaped pillow will actually be under your shoulders and arms, giving you the shoulder support you may need.
\"I have a V pillow and it\'s very comfortable,\" said Besen Catherine Jones . \".
\"It relieved the pressure on my shoulders and neck and provided me with more cushioning.
You can also use it to sit comfortably on the bed and support your lower back when you sit up.
Buy travel products L-
Shaped bed pillow for $29. 95 from Amazon. 12.
This temperature-
Adjust the iGel side pillow firmly to give you the support your neck may need.
This is great for side sleepers who may use their own neck at nightsabotaging way.
For a better sleep experience, Siobhan O\'Brien suggested this option.
Buy theiGel side sleeper pillows for £ 59.
99 beds from Benson Hotel. 13.
You may already feel stiff if you have fibromyalgia, and the last thing you want is a pillow that makes you feel tighter.
However, the purple pillow is solid but does not cause any extra pain when you wake up after a few hours of sleep.
\"I used a purple pillow,\" Ashley Allison said . \".
\"It\'s very flat and good for back or belly sleep, and I fold it in half when I want to lie next to me.
The gel felt good and supportive, but not as stiff as many pillows I felt.
I also used purple pillowcases.
Very flexible and soft.
Buy the purple pillow from Amazon for $99.
What pillows do fibromyalgia have to help you sleep better?
Let us know in the comments below.
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