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13 great gifts for the traveller on your list

by:Qihao      2019-08-26
All bags are one of the 13 travel gifts listed by Ottawa citizens, which can get harder and harder, but luckily the equipment you can carry with you is getting better and better.
Does Air Canada want to doodle on the pillow?
Smile in the face of the discomfort caused by the comfortable cushion and the zipper blanket inside.
Worried about losing luggage at Heathrow?
Stop the disaster by carrying everything in a clever package
Even turning sideways on narrow aircraft aisles.
Some people endure traveling which they often need at work.
Others live in exploring the world, tasting new cultures and reveling in the scenery.
For others, travel may be defined more locally-
A large outing with a baby, pushing the stroller through the neighborhood.
No matter what type of traveler you have on your list, we have gifts to lighten their burden. ---
The natural spoon TopWhat of the icebreaker is: a lightweight washable top made of Murray sheep wool (
This is one of the following).
Why is it on the list: from underwear to the outer layer, icebreaker products from New Zealand are quickly becoming the preferred clothing for athletes and travelers as they feel great, breathe well and can be cleaned.
What other products can you use \"baacode \"(virtually)
Do you meet sheep with wool?
Cost: $84. Tuk 99Tuk with you
What are all the bags: a clever bag for lug.
Why is it listed: what does this package do?
It is the right size to carry the plane with a strap on the back so you can slide it onto the handle of your wheeled luggage.
It has 15 pockets, including two insulated pockets for drinks, mobile phones
Size and ventilation compartment for shoes.
There are also rope bags and pads inside ---
Sit in the Central Park or change a baby in a Game Group.
This is the surprise: the hidden latch allows you to attach it to the stroller and use it as a diaper bag.
Price: $90 Heys xScaleWhat is: the smallest portable luggage scale in the world with a digital display of up to 110 pounds (50 kg).
Why is it on the list: because weight loss is always good.
Especially when the airline is getting more and more strict with the baggage limit, you will go to the S & M meeting and the clerk asks you to remove heavy items from the bag as an impatient colleague
Travelers in line.
It was also designed and developed in Canada.
Its price: $30 flip-over Super Video camera what is it: a compact phone-
Record a deformed camera for a 60-minute digital lens. A built-
In the USB arm, connect the gadget directly to your computer, which means you have one less wire in your horrible \"technology\" drawer.
Why is it on the list: it\'s super portable, cheap enough to abuse and has only one red button (record, duh)
A lot of confusion was eliminated.
Be careful, YouTube, grandma has a great time!
Cost: $159.
99 what is Buffalo: Barcelona company that lets Buff call it the \"original multi-purpose headdress.
\"It\'s kind of like a headscarf, but it\'s a seamless ring of microfibre fabric.
Why is it on the list: it has amazing features besides being cool ---just go to www. buff.
We\'ll see the \"12 ways to wear buff\" video, which will take you back to your hat from ballalava to \"Pirates.
Its Wick, which keeps you warm or cool as needed, and has a large number of prints including this Bushtukah exclusive print.
Fee: $18.
95 What is it: a lightweight, hard
Double-sided suitcase with carry-on
Size limit.
Why is it on the list: Airlines are more chaotic and carry them with you
The way to go is.
This one is very light and comes with useful pockets and straps with a strong latch instead of a zipper.
With four wheels you can pull it down from the upper side of the narrow aisle.
Cost: $199.
What 99 is: a yoga mat small enough to stuff in a suitcase.
Why is it on the list: This mat is made of natural rubber that allows yogis or yogis in your life to run away from home.
It\'s thinner than a normal yoga mat, but all you need at the hotel is-room carpet.
Its price: What is $42: a luggage bag large enough to hold a regular rolling
Yoga mats, and all the clothes you need to go out on weekends.
Why is it on the list: made of recycled polyester and yellow hemp, with a vintage goddess image inside, a must-have condition for a yoga vacation.
There is a yoga block in the pocket and a rope bag for shoes.
Removable shoulder straps can be used as cushions-carrying strap. (
Mats and water bottles are not included, but something extra will be added. )
The price is: $158, a very small hair dryer.
With the folding handle, it is less than 7 inch in length, but provides full strength, professional strength (
This may be better than what you usually use at home).
It also has two voltage settings so it works both at home and abroad.
Why is it on the list: because you want to have a good hair when you\'re on vacation ---
Just think about those pictures.
Price: What is $50: Travel Blanket and pillowcase.
Why would it list: just give it a squeeze.
This groovy suit is soft, comfortable and warm.
An inflatable pillow is stuffed in a box with a pocket in your reading glasses or iPod.
Perfect for traveling by plane, train, car or concert.
Cost: $24.
What is 99: a small-
Although the hair straightener is small, it is powerful.
It\'s small enough to fit in your palm, but can handle unruly bangs and curled ends quickly.
Why is it on the list: anyone who sees this in action (
Okay, any young woman), is amazed.
The big hair gets smooth in a few seconds.
We even heard that some professional stylists use this travel equipment at home.
Its price is: What is $40: Use the burning gas to power the camera, mobile phone, MP3 player and GPS device on the road.
An hour of sunshine will give you 20 minutes of talk time or 50 minutes of music on your iPod.
Why on the list: Flash (tech-
Full backpack)
Cool, the \"Morocco on foot\" blog looks really good.
But, sadly, drag a 10-
The pound adapter supply through the Sahara is not a mirage.
Price: What is $101: An inflatable bed pillow like a comma.
Hang the tether on the back of the seat of an airplane or car and embrace the mat.
Why is it on the list: the typical horseshoe bed pillow still makes you feel right angle to your head and torso.
This innovative device keeps your noggin upright.
Bonus: When deflated, it takes up the smallest space in your luggage.
Cost: $29.
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