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12 Totally Useless Travel Gadgets

by:Qihao      2019-08-28
Elina Bolokhova\'s Orbitz blogNever never knows what savvy travelers should buy in your life?
Or maybe you\'re on your own and need a more useless travel gadget to fill in what you\'re doneSuitcase?
Here is a list of 12 travel items that will definitely make someone\'s next adventure more interesting (
At least for people sitting next to you).
Ostrich bird Pillow, $84, sometimes a nap is worth more than your dignity. (
Just ask mom, she wants to tease her baby on the airport security line. )
At that time, grab an ostrich pillow and zon gram in a completely dark environment-
Anytime, anywhere.
Selk\'bag sleep wear system, $159 sleeping bag is great, but isn\'t it very inconvenient to leave your comfort and safetythe-
Sleep every morning?
Use the selk\'bag sleep wear system and never come out of your sleeping bag again. Ever.
F1 secure neck rest, $14 this life jacket inspired neck rest will definitely give you some weird look from your bodyFlight neighbor.
Just ignore him.
If the plane crashed in the water. .
You might drown.
But for a few minutes there, everyone will think you are the most serious person on board.
$199 for Jacob\'s tent and sleeping bag.
\"I have ants everywhere!
\"Like you\'re in this sleeping bag --tent hybrid.
Give up the safety and comfort of a true wilderness sanctuary, a portable home on the surface for forced lightingpacker.
Travel HoodiePillow®$19.
Do you want a hoodie attached to your inflatable memory foam neck pillow?
Or did your memory foam neck pillow somehow double up as a blindfold to help you sleep on a long flight?
Your prayers are finally answered.
Wireless phone notification, $49.
99 according to the product description, women missed 50% of the calls because they couldn\'t get their phones out of their wallets fast enough. The solution? A seizure-
Induction necklace, which flashes like a club flash every time mom calls.
Pillow for adults, $27.
How happy does that woman look?
That\'s because her head didn\'t swing through the whole flight.
It was firmly held by that strange thing.
Neck Support of pillow.
Her seat mate was even more pleased that he did not wipe the saliva off his shoulder. Everyone wins.
$79 personal air purifier
99 did not say \"I have a serious obsessive-compulsive disorder\" like this separate air purifier \".
Never be a prey to contaminants in the air again, because you are crossing a world to poison you.
Don\'t mind the funny looks you see. -
Your friend will soon be infected with bacteria and then who will laugh?
Travel chopsticks, $12, whether you are a foodie who can\'t go anywhere without chopsticks or one of those who don\'t believe in chopsticks, you don\'t know, this cooking method, which is equivalent to a pocket protector, will even impress the most picky sushi --
A companion who loves to eat.
On the cuffs. ®$6.
99 is there anything more annoying than getting your sleeves wet while washing at the airport?
With these livesjacket-
Yellow sponge bracelet, you don\'t have to deal with it anymore. Phew.
Take advice from the site and take them anywhere, especially if you prefer to have a good conversation in the common room.
Hygienna Solo Portable woman Wash, $ Action to be taken.
If you often find yourself having to throw out new things
Hygienna Solo purchased a bottle of water on the airport security scanner, a creative way to remove liquids.
Hey, it\'s better than drinking eight ounces in front of TSA officials.
Wogmunk, $20 want to instill a fear of good, healthy world in your child?
If your little one does not agree to wear a personal air purifier (see above)
Wear a stylish mask
They have a lot of colors and patterns and they are actually a little cute because I-a-budding-
Kind of like germaphobe.
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